I go to conventional news services when I want a quick look at the surface of world events: the latest blip in the Dow, the score in a sports event, or the chance of rain this weekend.

But when I want to find out the underlying facts that really matter, I go to WorldNetDaily. It’s the only broad-coverage news and commentary source that’s free of left-wing propaganda.

Not only that, but it’s the only place I can read my own column … and bask in the brilliant clarity of my wit and wisdom. Of course, I also graciously share the spotlight with the other great luminaries of our day, writers like Ilana Mercer, “Buzz Saw Annie” Coulter, Walter Williams, Pat Buchanan, Dennis Prager and Joseph Farah himself.

Congratulations to WND on not only surviving for 10 years, but growing to attract 8 million users a month and becoming the largest alternative news source on the Web.

Help WND celebrate its 10th anniversary by joining Joseph Farah and other loyal readers on a seven-day Caribbean cruise!

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