In January, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice testified before a Senate subcommittee regarding President Bush’s new Middle East foreign policy and to answer questions regarding the funding of 21,500 additional troops and ancillary personnel to send to the war in Iraq – a subcommittee now controlled by the Democrats and the mercurial Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

Normally, in a time of war when you have one party that controls the executive branch and another party controlling the legislative branch, the debate at these hearings can become exceedingly combative. Why? As President George W. Bush descends into the oblivion of lame-duck status and the 2008 presidential elections loom ever closer, Democrat lawmakers, both in the House and the Senate, like moths to the flame, have unrestrained and irrational illusions of grandeur to become president. Thank God there is only one presidential chair.

The hearings were pretty uneventful until the nation saw Boxer, high and lifted up, peer down from her lofty perch toward the direction of Secretary Rice; she fixed her eyes forward with a vulture-like gaze, cleared her throat and spewed out that now-infamous diatribe of rhetorical blasphemy:

“Who pays the price? I’m not going to pay a personal price,” Boxer said. “My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young.”

Then, to Rice: “You’re not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family.”

Then, silence, camera pans to Secretary Rice’s face, a lamentable expression that for a brief instant seemed like infinity. At that moment, I saw that with all of her education, with all her accomplishments, with a lifetime of self-discipline, international acclaim, tremendous power and influence as the secretary of state of the greatest nation in the history of the world, nevertheless she could not hide the hurt, the pain of Boxer’s venomous words spewed out from this contemptible little woman with the sole purpose of poisoning her victim’s humanity. Condoleezza stood strong.

There was something evil and diabolical about Boxer’s words. It was vile rhetoric filled with racism and hatred that a black woman “made it” without acknowledging the aid of white liberal paternalism; that a black woman “made it” without giving due consideration to liberals and their omnipresent civil rights and affirmative action programs.

It was like a reoccurring nightmare. It was like the summer of 1991 all over again and the Supreme Court hearings of my intellectual mentor, Justice Clarence Thomas – the “high-tech lynching” liberals on the Senate Judiciary Committee conspired to do against this honorable man who, in my opinion, has already secured his position as one of the greatest justices in the history of the Supreme Court. You can hear it in the tenor of Sen. Boxer’s words as if she were saying, “Who does she think she is?” “Well, I’m going to show this uppity little wench who really is the boss!”

I call this phenomenon, which is particularly acute in modern politics and culture, Plantation Liberalism, or the idea that all black people “owe” Democrats (white people) an unpayable debt, a slavish allegiance to the Democratic Party for life – and any black person who dares to even insinuate that they “made it” without affirmative action, without marching in the streets for “rights” we already have, without giving due deference to the historical civil rights legislation that liberal Democrats alone are wholly responsible for and magnanimously bestowed upon us are (metaphorically speaking) “off the plantation” and are castigated as “Uncle Toms,” “Oreo cookies,” “heretics, apostates, ingrates … uppity ni—-s.” These renegade black conservatives will be dealt with in the requisite manner as a slave master would treat a captured runaway slave – viciously, summarily, personally. This was the despicable conduct Sen. Boxer spewed upon Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – a disgusting spectacle indeed that received little coverage from the largely white, liberal mainstream media.

For over a generation now, liberal Democrats, with the help of their willing accomplices in the perverse propaganda media, have surreptitiously hidden the philosophy of Plantation Liberalism from public view, though on occasion, as with the Boxer episode, liberal politicians in power find it exceedingly difficult to conceal their utter hatred, contempt and racist paternalism they have for any black person that achieves the pinnacle of his or her profession without kissing the ring of liberal Democrats: This is the unpardonable sin!

If you think I write from hyperbole, consider the shrill rhetoric from the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Association of Black Journalists, and all the other liberal black activist groups and their “useful idiot” rent-a-mobs. A few weeks ago they were literally apoplectic about radio talk show shock-jock Don Imus and his juvenile rhetoric against the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Compare that response to the silence-of-the-lambs treatment Dr. Rice got from those same hypocrites when she was dissed by Boxer. Why? She was “off the plantation”; she wasn’t a card-carrying liberal Democrat. Therefore, it has never been solely about race or color, but distorted ideology and a slavish allegiance to a Democratic Party’s diabolical agenda that only 150 years ago enslaved my people. The Republican Party under Abraham Lincoln and a little skirmish called the Civil War freed my people from bondage. The press has forgotten this historical fact.

If you think I write from hyperbole, ask yourself, would Sen. Barack Hussein Obama have any measure of the sycophantic celebrity status he daily enjoys from Oprah, from Hollywood and the propaganda media but for the fact that he is a black man, a brazen liberal Democrat with a voting record more extreme than even Hillary Rodham Clinton or Teddy Kennedy?! Certainly not.

Obama’s political views are so excessive that he once voted against a bill that would have provided medical treatment to newborn babies that survived an abortion! Ironically, that’s the same savage partial-birth abortion procedure the Supreme Court condemned April 18 by overruling the precedent case – Stenberg v. Carhart (2000) – in a pivotal 5-4 decision.

Sociologists now tell us that proportionately speaking many more black babies are aborted than any other race in America, which was exactly the original intent of that racist, demagogue, feminist icon, Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), who founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 primarily because of her Hitler-like hatred of black people, whom she considered tantamount to animals. Take that, Mother Teresa!

Sophocles (495-406 B.C.), that great ancient Greek tragedian, once wrote, “Silence is a woman’s ornament.” Despite the immense lachrymose expression written in Condoleezza’s beautiful brown eyes as she took the savage blow from Sen. Boxer’s wickedly racist words attacking her very humanity as an unmarried woman, as a childless woman, as a black woman who nevertheless ascended the steps of Parnassus without Mammy Boxer’s assistance, or said, “Mother, may I” to the liberal plantation owners in the Senate, Condoleezza’s silent, steely demeanor crystallized the words of Sophocles in a most profound way indeed.

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