WND readers want to know what to do under fire, and have made “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense” by Charl Van Wyk their top pick this week at Shop.WND.com.

As shootings like Columbine become more common, and the death tolls increase, such as at Virginia Tech where 32 innocent people were gunned down, WND readers are concerned about what they can do, especially in areas that are declared to be gun-free, such as Virginia Tech.

“As Van Wyk’s experience illustrates, no place is totally safe – not even a church,” said Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, who wrote the forward to Van Wyk’s book. “The notion that declaring an area to be gun-free will keep criminals from maliciously using guns is ludicrous.

“Any law that makes self-defense illegal or impractical is an illegitimate law, because such a law ultimately subjects people to the criminal element,” he continued. “I hope that Charl Van Wyk’s book will help turn the tide. South Africans – and people everywhere – need to refuse to support any laws that leave them defenseless against murderers, robbers, rapists and arsonists.”

As WND has reported, officials at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute are offering free training to educators in schools who want to be able to provide that defense when the next attack happens.

“The problem is not guns. Guns don’t cause these incidents to occur any more than cameras cause child pornography or automobiles cause traffic fatalities,” said Ignatius Piazza, founder of the school.

Van Wyk was in that South African church in 1993 when terrorists armed with automatic weapons broke into the middle of a worship service and started killing people. Eleven died, but because Van Wyk had a gun, and returned the terrorists’ fire, he is credited with saving many more lives that day.

“Shooting Back” makes the biblical, Christian case for individuals to arm themselves, and be prepared to provide a defense for the innocent.

The book became an instant best seller in South African when he wrote it, and WND Books now has published it in the United States. It discusses whether people should carry arms, when is a defense appropriate, and how shall people keep the right to defend themselves.

In second spot was was “The Forbidden Book (DVD)” which tells the story of the Bible. The one-hour documentary explains how God has preserved His Word for thousands of years.

The presentation includes a visit to the ruins of the very first Christian church ever built above ground, and explains the misunderstood books called the Apocrypha. It introduces the viewer to John Wycliffe, the first person to translate the Bible into English, and reveals that his church still offers Sunday services, as it has since the 1300s.

It also talks about why the Bible of the Protestant Reformation, the Geneva Bible, was printed in Switzerland due to the reign of Queen Mary, and how the 1611 King James Bible came to be.

In third place was “The Marketing of Evil” by WND Managing Editor David Kupelian.

“The Marketing of Evil” reveals how much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped and sold to them as though it had great value. Highly skilled marketers, playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance, have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which all previous generations since America’s founding regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil, Kupelian writes.

“David Kupelian dares to tell the truth about the overwhelming forces in our society which takes us far away form our original American concept of freedom with responsibility, happiness with commitments, and traditional values,” said Dr. Laura Schlessinger, author and talk-show host. “‘The Marketing of Evil’ is a serious wake-up call for all who cherish traditional values, the innocence of children, and the very existence of our great country.”

“It’s often said that marketing is warfare, and in ‘The Marketing of Evil,’ David Kupelian clearly reveals the stunning strategies and tactics of persuasion employed by those engaged in an all-out war against America’s Judeo-Christian culture. If you really want to understand the adversary’s thinking and help turn the tide of battle, read this book!” said David Limbaugh, syndicated columnist and author.

Here are the Shop.WND.com top sellers for May 1-6:

  1. “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense”
    By Charl Van Wyk

  2. “The Forbidden Book (DVD)”
    By David Lampe

  3. “The Marketing of Evil”
    By David Kupelian

  4. “Stop the Presses!”
    By Joseph Farah

  5. “What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an”

  6. “Armed Response”
    By David Kenik

  7. “Brotherhood of Darkness and Hope of the Wicked at special discount!

  8. “A Nation Adrift (DVD)”

  9. “The Little Book of Big Reasons to Homeschool”

  10. “Michael and Me DVD”

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