The homosexual lobby and those in power in the U.S. House of Representatives made a mistake. They made a strategic error that cost them greatly.

Oh, don’t get me wrong; the liberal Democrats did a good job (teaming up with the media) convincing 19 million Christians to stay home last November. They did a good job pretending that stupid move would send some kind of “message” to Congress. All it did was hand the reigns of power to people who hate us and want to outlaw our beliefs. Their deception worked. But what didn’t work is … their pride. What they don’t know is that pride isn’t a parade; rather, pride goeth before a fall.

One couldn’t miss the arrogance of those in power at the congressional hearing on hate crimes. John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee and their cohorts treated witnesses like Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute and those who stood for freedom of speech with disdain. The Democrats didn’t even pretend to run things in an even-handed way. Stacking their witnesses while limiting ours, they grandstanded their agenda, gavel in hand. They had the votes. They had the power. And they were going to flaunt it. Color me surprised.

But then Conyers and his buddies went too far. They had to show Christians who oppose the homosexual agenda just who was in charge and shove it in our faces. And so the House scheduled their vote on H.R. 1592 – the bill that promises to criminalize Christianity – on the National Day of Prayer.

Bad move.

Congress chose to flaunt their “power” on a day when 60 thousand prayer meetings were taking place all around the country all day long – when hundreds of thousands of people were appealing to the power that trumps them and their scheduled vote.

Oh, they had their vote, all right. The “thought crimes” bill passed in the U.S. House last Thursday by 237-180. But that was the same day we were given the promise of a presidential veto. The pro-family movement had been asking the president for that promise for more than six years. And last Thursday, on the National Day of Prayer, we got it. Thank you, God. Thank you, President Bush. And thank you, Congress, for your scheduling choice.

Want to know a secret? It’s all starting to backfire. Their deafening arrogance is loud enough to rouse those 19 million Christians from their slumber. The radical agenda that threatens our freedoms isn’t exactly the “statement” Christians were hoping for when they stayed home on Election Day. The congressional consequences of our sin of omission are becoming clearer.

Pride is the thing God hates the most. It’s what got Satan kicked out of heaven. But not only does God hate it, the American people hate it, too. And I predict it will be what gets this Congress kicked out of power.

But, while we’re talking strategy, now is exactly the right time to step up the pressure in the Senate. To tell them, despite the veto promise, we’re going to hold you accountable for your votes. We’re going to expose what you are doing with this power. And we’re going to proactively take back ground.

And while we’re at it, we might as well have some fun. They want to handcuff pastors and those of us who speak biblical truth? Let’s help them out by sending handcuffs!

Faith2Action has once again teamed up with the Christian Interactive Network to make sending a message to the Senate against “hate crimes” easy, effective and fun. Through, you can send an individualized message to your U.S. senators that they cannot miss. It’s a mug shot and a pair of handcuffs so believers can tell them: “Don’t make me a criminal!”

Imagine thousands of handcuffs hitting the Senate offices, from people they represent not wanting to be jailed for speaking their beliefs. Then you can e-mail everyone on your list with the link to to expose the Democrats’ arresting agenda.

Here’s our advantage. Like our founders, we believe what the Bible says, and all the strategy contained in it – including that little gem in Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

So my advice to those in control of Congress? Just keep on doing what you’re doing, because pride isn’t a parade; it’s what comes before “destruction” and a great big “fall.” My advice to the rest of us? Cuff the agenda, resist the arrest and set yourself free. Take back the ground we lost and teach those who hate us a lesson in humility.

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