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Anti-Falwell venom flows on blogs

The anti-Jerry Falwell venom flowed on weblogs even before the Moral Majority founder’s death was confirmed.

“I knew something had happened because I went outside and I was suddenly surrounded by Munchkins and they were singing,” wrote Aaron on the joemygod blog in one of the comments that actually could be repeated.

Bob Owens of NewsBusters.org, a blog hosted by the Media Research Center, said he was not a fan of Falwell but was “quite disgusted with the pathological hatred displayed by liberal bloggers in their reactions to his death.”

“Good riddens!!! (sic)” wrote joe on joemygod blog. Richard Weaver added his thoughts: “What a great way to move into the season of gay pride!!!!”

Falwell, who created the influential Liberty University, founded the Moral Majority, a movement that gave fundamentalist and evangelical Christians a voice in the U.S. political process. He was credited with helping elect Ronald Reagan. Falwell died suddenly while at his office at the university.

While dozens of U.S. leaders and organizations, including presidential candidates, were full of praise for the 73-year-old’s accomplishments and legacy, the liberal blogs sang another tune.

“I won’t shed a tear either, and maybe he will R.I.P … But do we have to look at such a BIG photo of him here?” wrote Joe, on the joemygod site.

“No wonder everyone is so happy and shiny faced today. I think we all should have lots of premarital (or in some other way offensive to him) sex to celebrate. Yes, I see no ill in celebrating the death of a man who has caused so much pain and suffering to others,” added Copperred on the same site.

Another participant in the discussion was worried the sentiments would bring the writers into a bad light.

“While I will shed no tears either, the snarky comments make gay people seem uncaring and nasty. … I fear people will see the comments here and it will reaffirm stereotypes about gays,” said Aaron (Freak4ad).

On Wonkette, a leading liberal website, was this: “At a time like this, people deserve sympathy and good wishes — except for Falwell, who is an evil —-.”

“The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son,” wrote John Edward’s former campaign blogger Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.

At Time’s Swampland blog, “liberalrob” wrote: “Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow … I hope he’s found his just reward in the next world he loved so much; but I’m — glad he’s finally out of mine.”

Steve in Sacto added a song “for the man [who] made his fame and fortune promising salvation for a donation over the teevee …”

Salvation brings a badge to wear
On the glad rags of your soul
Just keep up with the payments
and we’ll make your misery whole
We’ve got albums of redemption and confessions on cassettes
All on easy hire from the following address…”

Still another comment: “He’s dead as a doornail. Parade starts at 3 … be there!”

Goldenthroat, however, in a post on NewsBusters’ forum, said it was to be expected.

“Yep, it was bound to happen – the left-coast, bleeding-heart, ‘do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do’ liberal media and their cronies are already ripping into Rev. Falwell’s legacy,” he wrote. “I can only imagine what is going to be said about him by the libs over the next several days.

“Of course, they will ignore the fact that he established a wonderful institution of higher learning at Liberty University, built homes for unwed mothers and alcoholic rehab centers, among other ministries.”

And “Placebo” offered NewsBusters an explanation:

“Hatred and vilification is a leftist tenet: Christians, whether evangelical or other denominations, all are maligned by the mass-media. Falwell, of course, was used to being targeted by the media-pagans. Being Godless is camp and a necessity to be a bona fide Liberal. Their worship is that of themselves: self-anointment and self-righteousness are part and parcel, their diktat.”