Two things that those on the far left who support big government cannot abide by are private gun ownership and homeschooling – and largely for the same reason.

I know it may sound surprising, and perhaps some people might roll their eyes and say former NRA presidents must feel an uncontrollable urge to think everything should somehow equate to supporting gun rights.

But it’s a fair statement to say those on the liberal end of the spectrum oppose both gun ownership and homeschooling for the same reason:

There are core values in common between gun ownership and homeschooling. These commonalities are things you and I applaud, but those who think big government is the solution to every problem cannot accept it.

They both tend to lessen your dependence on government.

The first element gun ownership and homeschooling have in common is self-reliance. A firearm in the hands of a trained and peaceable person makes that person more able to protect himself and his family against any who would seek to harm them. Likewise, homeschooling allows a family to nurture educated, capable, independent children without relying upon the government.

The second commonality lies in providing something for your family that government cannot, or will not, offer. As capable as our police are, they cannot be nearby every second of every day and cannot offer you the constant protection that your own firearm can. Similarly, homeschooling allows you to raise your children according to your beliefs, using your values, and with accountability that only one-on-one instruction can give.

I decided to write about this because I know that many WND readers are homeschoolers, and many of you have not thought of these parallels. We need to look at the broad picture and realize how many political and culture battles out there are interconnected.

The fact that these common values embrace both concepts should lead you to do three things.

First of all, if you do not own a firearm, you should talk to a trusted friend who owns one about his or her decision to become a gun owner. Find out what your options of self and home protection are.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended large suburban public schools. When I first learned of the concept of homeschooling I was skeptical because I felt that my public education had been good, and the media and teachers’ unions made homeschooling sound so foreign.

But the results I’ve seen and the people I’ve known who are involved in homeschooling convinced me long ago that it can be an excellent option for families to consider. The facts I learned about homeschooling made me reconsider my views. If you’re a homeschooling supporter who doesn’t currently exercise your Second Amendment right to own firearms, then perhaps you should get the facts about gun ownership.

Second, you should join the NRA. Whether you own a firearm or not, I’m confident once you know the facts you will at least want to have the option of purchasing a firearm, and you will come to understand their importance in defending American values and preserving our traditional culture. You should join the NRA so that you can be informed on what is going on in that area of the culture war that might impact the issues most important to you.

And third, even if you never join the NRA, you should consider yourself an ally to those who fight for your Second Amendment rights. You should be aware of the Second Amendment battles going on in your state and nationwide and take sides on the issue to protect freedom.

Remember, not everyone who supports homeschooling chooses to homeschool their own kids. So, too, not everyone who supports the Second Amendment needs to own a firearm.

Liberal elites do everything they can to keep people who do not buy into their government-centered view of America from communicating and working together. They marginalize such groups and attempt to isolate them.

Regardless of the issue each of us cares about most, we must see the bigger picture and support each other in our common goals.

For example, the center of the storm for securing private gun ownership is also the center of the storm for homeschooling: the U.S. Supreme Court. The court will continue to affirm that, as a parent, you have the right to educate your children at home and will likely also favor the proposition that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms. Those who care about either issue should support one another.

We live in a critical time in American history. A cultural war is raging, and issues like gun ownership and homeschooling are at the heart of the controversy. We owe it to our children and to our country to preserve these rights. If you believe in individual rights, personal responsibility, autonomy and accountability, you should support both the Second Amendment and the option of homeschooling.

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