A gaggle of senators announced the immigration compromise with glee.

I feel I’ve been punched in the gut, and my country is being stolen from me by elected government officials.

They say it will solve the “immigration” problem, but it’s amnesty, no matter how they sugarcoat it. If this abomination passes, the country as we know it is lost.

It grants instant legal status to the 12 to 20 MILLION illegals in this country now; no one knows how many, and they’re not all from Mexico. We have illegals here from more than one-hundred countries, including

Communist China and Middle Eastern countries considered enemy states.

What happened to the war on terror that threatens our survival? Oh, that’s right, Sen. Harry Reid said we “lost” it.

That picture on the Drudge Report of Sen. Mel Martinez, Sen, Lindsey Graham and Sen. Ted Kennedy laughing and backslapping as they celebrated their approval of the immigration

bill was disgusting.

If you ever wanted a glimpse into the ways of real back-room, stick-it-to-’em politics, that was it. The only problem is, they’re sticking it to us!

Instant legality for illegals makes them immediately eligible for all welfare, social services and privileges of citizenship, as well as special work visas.

Ah yes, privileges of citizenship, but they won’t be citizens. There’s no mention of these people wanting to become American – just that they want to be here for the better life our citizens have worked 200-plus years to create.

So do the rest of the world’s poor people. Why are we expected to give it away? Where do we draw the line? I draw it at the border – a very secure border.

The plan gives illegals a way to bring their families here, so multiply that 20 million by four or six. It’s called chain migration.

Most of these people are school dropouts, don’t speak English and are illiterate in their own languages. Why would we create a permanent and dependent (and expensive to support) underclass?

The plan makes it easier for them to become citizens than it is for people who are doing it legally!

That’s not only wrong, it’s insulting, and so is the fact that the discussion of the bill was in private – except that militant and separatist Latino groups, among them La Raza (“The Race”) and Mexican American Legal Defense and

Educational Fund, took part and had veto power.

Where were the usual committee hearings? Where was public discussion? Where was media analysis and public reaction? Why was Kennedy so determined to get this done before Memorial Day? Why is it being shoved down our

throats, and why have questioning citizens been labeled racist?

No doubt the champagne flowed that night as the senators celebrated their “agreement” on what is duplicitously called immigration reform. But apparently, Kennedy, ever the panderer, had some politicking to do before his real

celebration. The Boston Globe reported that Kennedy met with several families of illegals after the announcement. He told the paper, “They’re still reeling from that.”

I guess when the gods from on high deign to meet with the little people, it does send them “reeling.”

The paper quotes Kennedy as saying, “When I told them the bill would make them safe and secure, you should have seen the look in their eyes. They knew they didn’t have to be scared.”

I’ll bet he even said that with a straight face. He’s been at it a long time. You get good at such nonsense. That kind of bull would certainly drive me to drink, but I suspect any imbibing Teddy did that night had nothing to do with his

blatant exploitation of law breaking, poor people to burnish his legacy of selling out this country (his country!) on the issue of illegal aliens. He’s celebrating the proposed legislation, which, he says will fix the nation’s “broken borders.”

Apparently, Sen. Teddy forgot we already have immigration and border laws that he was instrumental in passing. Even worse, we tolerate state and local officials who declare their cities as sanctuaries for illegals and forbid

immigration law enforcement. Churches are blatantly, and with impunity, declaring they’ll give sanctuary and shelter to illegals.

We just don’t enforce existing laws. I guess that’s too easy and wouldn’t get the headlines those pompous air bags in Washington crave, especially as we approach an election year. It also wouldn’t get them the new voters they hope

this abomination will get them.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein chimed in on ABC radio Friday, with her plea to all of us little people out here, “I’d like to say to the American people please, please, please don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

If she means what I think she means – Di Fi ought to get off of her throne and onto her knees to apologize to the American people for insulting our intelligence. That bill has nothing to do with mending borders or solving the problem

of millions of illegal aliens pouring into this country. It has everything to do with a complete sellout of this country.

It betrays the whole of the American people.

It betrays those who came before us, worked and fought to make this country what it is – or perhaps I should say was.

It betrays the people of today who continue to work, build, support and ultimately defend this country to preserve our heritage.

It betrays our infants and young children who, in their innocence, trust us to leave them a country that reflects the freedoms and rights guaranteed in our Constitution.

What’s particularly appalling is President Bush’s support of the plan. In his seemingly unending support for all things Mexican and his goal of blurring the borders to create a North American version of the European Union, this man,

elected as a supposedly conservative Republican president of this country, is part of what I consider to be a coup from the top, never seen in a democracy. He and all the officials involved are playing with treason – the betrayal of one’s


In the process of this betrayal, they’re involved in destruction of the Republican Party. Any definition of republican or conservatism is lost.

It’s all a blatant play for political power; Democrats want the votes and power, and Republicans, in their stupid naivet? and their own power play, set themselves up for destruction.

Are they crazy?

The only way to possibly stop this is for every American who cares about the future of our country to immediately inundate every elected official and the White House with calls and e-mail. Tell them their support of this will mean

the end of their political career.

Elections do have consequences; look what the last one got us. I fear the results of the next one.

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