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Old Mitt, new Mitt, red Mitt, blue Mitt

While Rudy Giuliani cheers and John McCain smiles next to Sen. Ted Kennedy for a Senate amnesty photo-op, Flip Romney talks tough about illegal immigration – a departure from his 2005 position when he said a similar proposal was “reasonable.”

What a shock. Pick a subject, any subject, and the new-and-improved, rosy red-state Romney is a “true blue” lifelong liberal until two years ago. If you’re having trouble keeping track of Romney’s position’s on abortion, marriage, gun control and immigration, here’s a key: In 2005 and prior, he’s a blue-state liberal – true “blue” in the non-traditional sense of the word. After that, he’s hoping to appeal to the red-state conservatives with a short-term memory.

In 2005, Romney gave a nod to McCain (whose position on those who don’t support amnesty is: “F— you! I know more than anyone else in the room”). Romney then spouted the kind of language that’s drawing “boos” for amnesty senators everywhere.

“I don’t believe in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them out at gunpoint from our country,” said 2005 Blue-Romney. And what do you know? The Romney of two years ago he said he wanted to begin a “process towards application for citizenship.” Now Red-Romney says the bill is “unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S.”

Tom Tancredo had it right about Romney in the last debate: “I trust those conversions when they happen on the road to Damascus, not on the road to Des Moines.” I’m convinced the “light” Romney saw was the spotlight – and the need for red-state voters in a Republican primary.

According to the Heritage Foundation, over half of the 12-20 million lawbreakers are high-school dropouts who will tap into $50 billion per year in entitlements. That’s cash and prizes of up to $4,400 per year without counting their education and school lunches. You can forget about your Social Security; it’ll go to those here illegally who never paid into it. And forget that 854-mile fence that was mandated by the “Secure Fence Act.” The Senate thinks 370 miles of fence will be enough to secure our borders. What stops people from walking around it again? If there had been a 484-mile gap in the Berlin Wall, Mr. Gorbachev wouldn’t have had to tear it down.

Forget the law-abiding immigrants who’ve been standing in line to come here; the Senate is putting out the welcome mat to those who shoved their way ahead of them and began their lives here in America by first breaking the law. And according to the Center for Individual Freedom and Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, many of those illegals keep breaking the law once they get here:

In 2005, more than 10 million Mexican-born people were living in the U.S. – that’s one-tenth of the total population of Mexico. One-seventh of the Mexican workforce is now working here in the United States. Jobs anyone? The Senate amnesty bill will bring in even more.

Welcome to “Amexica.”

You know what? We couldn’t possibly round up all the bank robbers at gunpoint, either. And “bank robber” and “lawbreaker” are such harsh words. Let’s just call them “undocumented borrowers.” Let’s give them a “process” or “pathway” to their own bank account by withdrawing $4,400 from yours every year. And while we said we’d build a wall around the vault, we’re only going to build half of it. That ought to do the job. Don’t worry – rewarding bank robbery couldn’t possibly inspire more. Oh, and don’t plan on spending your IRA – the undocumented borrowers have families!

McCain is leading it, Giuliani loves it, and Red Romney is talking tough. Sen. Sam Brownback refuses to support McCain’s bill, but Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are leading the charge against it. Far from chameleons, they have always believed in securing our borders and didn’t just “turn red” on the road to Des Moines.

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