A reliable March 25 report from the All-India Christian Council:

A Christian preacher is dragged by the police from a prayer function, bundled into their police vehicle, brutally attacked at the police station in full public view and remanded to police custody. When his followers object to the inhumane treatment, they are caned, leaving many badly injured. After four days of incarceration, he is let out on bail, driven across the border in the name of safety and thrown out like a disposable commodity. Looks like an episode taken out from a film script? No, this is what happened to Pastor Rajender Chauhan of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh!

Do read the rest of this one-page report.

The story has eerie overtones of an event from 2,000 years ago, doesn’t it? A humble preacher of good news draws crowds of thousands who come to hear him and be healed of their diseases. Then through trickery, he is captured by the authorities, who beat him mercilessly and put him in prison – all because of his good deeds and the great healing miracles, which they cannot match.

Hinduism has hit rock bottom

Being totally incapable of performing any healing miracles, much less the hundreds of thousands of miracles now being done in the name of Jesus Christ in India, Hindu leaders are now resorting to their ultimate line of defense: street violence and brutality. On a daily basis.

Oh, and when Christians offer them the Gospel, they love to bring legal charges: “paying people to convert” or “forcing people to convert”! These charges are insane, of course; no Indian evangelist would think of doing such a stupid, counterproductive thing. But because their own religion is so bankrupt and hollow, Hindus just cannot imagine anyone converting to a different religion for any other reason than bribery or force!

Hindus have no arguments that make much sense. Their 330 million gods (yes, that’s the accepted number) are totally imaginary. And none of them love the Indians!

That’s why probably over 2 million Indians became Christians in 2005 – and the numbers are growing so fast that they haven’t been able to count 2006. But as I said in “Megashift,” (page 15), as soon as word gets out that the brand new (since 1995) Indian house-church movement is a family-friendly, community-friendly, India-friendly network of friendships (not a Western institution), at least 70 million who now secretly admire Jesus in their hearts will become Christians overnight.

And that’s only the beginning. Longer term, India will be a Christian nation … and that will turn out to be a vast blessing to them – spiritually, culturally and economically.

In the meantime, we have lots of work to do. And you can help. Please send a brief, polite letter to the prime minister of India, asking him to repeal the anti-conversion laws in various Indian states. Below you’ll find my own letter for general background. But don’t just copy it; write your own! Dr. Singh can be contacted via his website.

The Honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
PMO, South Block
Central Secretariat, New Delhi, India

May 22, 2007

Dear Prime Minister Singh:

As a columnist for the world’s largest independent news website and an occasional tourist who has visited every corner of your great nation, I am distressed to read the rapidly multiplying reports of violence and rape against Christians in India. This is not the India I have respected and admired.

Surely you must realize that Indian Christians have never sponsored violence or struck back at those who strike them. These harmless people have built hospitals and colleges and orphanages for you. They have lived alongside you for two millennia and brought only good to the nation. That is why almost every enlightened country on the Earth (except a few backward Islamic regimes) has seen fit to allow them to remain as a loving, health-giving element of their population. Even atheistic China, with its tight restrictions on religion, has found that the over 100 million Christians there are model citizens who bring peace in the workplace, avoid drugs and other crimes, and never launch demonstrations against the government.

By any measure, India is one of the world’s truly outstanding democracies. It does not need a reputation as a bastion of hate for vicious, anti-Christian mobs. India still has a popular image among Americans as a land of peace and beauty. Please do your best to preserve that precious and delicate identity. By my estimate, it took Americans about 20 years to forget the damage done by your sudden takeover of Goa in 1961, when our newspapers ridiculed and laughed at the shattered image of a peaceful India. Unless you arouse yourself and your fellow leaders, the damage this time will be far worse and longer lasting.

During this exciting boom-time in your international service industries, the last thing you want to do is give Western corporations any reason to back off and look elsewhere for partners in commerce. I urge you in the strongest terms to take sensible steps to repeal or override the new anti-conversion laws in your various states and to encourage local police not to aid and abet the violent religious groups who are perverting the Hindu traditions which for centuries had set a high standard worldwide of peaceful coexistence.

Sincerely yours,

James H. Rutz
Columnist, WorldNetDaily
[email protected]mrutz.com

P.S. to WND readers: For extra Brownie points (redeemable for a hearty slap on the back next time we meet), you may also write Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, president, Indian National Congress / chairperson, UPA; 10, Janpath, New Delhi, India. Contact Gandhi via her website.

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