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The real hate speech

Just who are the haters? Here are some of the blog postings from homosexual activists following the death of one of the godliest men I have ever met, Dr. Jerry Falwell:

No surprise – this is exactly how homosexual activists treated Rev. Falwell when he was alive. Homosexuals more than hated Jerry Falwell, whom they attacked, maligned, ridiculed and threatened. He didn’t make it widely known, but homosexual activists even attempted to kill him.

And through it all, he met hate with love.

As Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth pointed out on my radio program, when homosexuals protested Dr. Falwell, they were surprised to look up and find the reverend hugging his harassers. He overcame hate with love … and truth. Truth was the part they didn’t like. As 75-year-old grandmother Arlene Elshinnawy’s sign read before they hauled her off to jail for displaying it: “The Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth.”

It reminds me about what happened after the murder of Mary Stachowicz. Ever hear of her? Didn’t think so. Mary Stachowicz, a 51-year-old wife and mother of four, was described by friends as soft-spoken, “concerned about the good of her parish, always seeking things for the poor as well as spiritual welfare for people.” Mary Stachowicz also believed what the Bible and the Catholic Church taught about homosexuality. She verbalized her belief, and for that crime, she was murdered.

Mary was murdered by 19-year-old homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez in Chicago for the crime of disagreeing with his lifestyle. According to police reports, Stachowicz asked Gutierrez, who lived in an apartment above her, “Why do you [have sex with] boys instead of girls?” That was when he “punched, kicked, stabbed and strangled” her before stuffing her body into a crawl space under the floor of his apartment, where it remained for two days until he confessed to police.

Chicago media reported these events, choosing headlines devoid of words like “gay” or “homosexual.” While I and pro-family leaders repeatedly went on national television to repudiate the death of Matthew Shepard, there was no such condemnation of Stachowicz’s horrific murder from the homosexual community.

Perhaps more telling was what they did say:

Instead of condemning this horrific murder, homosexuals danced on her grave, also.

Those kind of hateful statements are perfectly acceptable, free from any repercussions of any kind. They get their own forum at the ACLU. However, if two 16-year-old Crystal Lake girls say an unkind word about homosexuals and pass out a few flyers to their classmates, they are in “violation of an Illinois state hate crime statute.” They face felony charges and are locked up in juvenile detention while bail is denied.

Felony for a flyer or a forum for defilement? It’s not equal rights these people are after; it’s tyranny.

Haven’t you heard? Words of disagreement with the homosexual agenda are now illegal. Just ask more than 100 kids who were suspended for wearing T-shirts that expressed their biblical views on the topic. Shirts with Bible verses and such sayings as “Don’t touch God’s rainbow” threw San Juan High School students in California out of school.

S. 1105, the so-called “hate crimes” bill, is the most dangerous bill in America. It will revoke what used to be called the freedom of speech. I don’t agree with all the speech I hear. You may not agree with mine. But if we don’t stop this bill together, we will all lose the right to disagree, to quote the Bible and to speak the truth. Speak up before you are locked up.

Go to StopHateCrimesNow.com and send your senators a “Don’t Make Me A Criminal Packet” – complete with handcuffs, mug shots and a personal letter. With the click of a mouse, send the message that you won’t be silenced.

The alternative is 16-year-old girls imprisoned and ministers’ graves desecrated. It’s Catholic mothers murdered, and the thought police in schools. What do you want the future to look like?

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