Headlines were made recently when Danny Glover received $12 million to $25 million (depending on the news source) from the fascist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to produce a movie on the slave revolt that destroyed the infrastructure of Haiti.

What is wrong with this picture?

It reminds anybody with any knowledge of the history of the loony leftists who flocked to dictatorships like that of the Soviet Union to kowtow to the fuhrers blinded by the narcotic utopian dreams that only spawned oppression and genocide. These fellow travelers are still with us, and ignorant of the past. They failed to notice that Chavez is ruthlessly silencing his opposition, including the only remaining opposition television station in Venezuela, violating freedom of speech and the Venezuelan constitution while doing so. Of course, if any U.S. president shut down the news media in the United States, such as the New York Times or ABC, CBS or NBC, he would be roasted alive by these liberals and by the leftist press – and rightfully so.

How can these “progressives” support in Venezuela what they would oppose with their very lives in America?

The answer is simple. Their intoxicating political ideology has blinded them to the truth – past, present and future. Vladimir Lenin, the Communist founder of the Soviet Union, pegged the vacuousness of these fellow travelers with the title of his famous book “Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder.” For proof that it is an infantile disorder, we need look no further than the Hollywood sycophants who endorse these regimes.

What is happening in Venezuela is the same type of crime that happened in Argentina under Juan Peron, in Cambodia under Pol Pot, in Cuba under Fidel Castro, and is happening in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe. These men killed millions of their own people in their lust for personal power while spouting platitudes about loving the people they were killing.

One movie that helped bring down the Soviet Union gives the answer to this historical amnesia and to the obsequious obsession of Glover types with martinet colonels and national socialist, fascist dictators. The movie is the Russian film “Repentance,” a pointed allegory set in the Soviet province of Georgia that shows a clear Stalin figure oppressing his people up to the moment of his death. He is buried, but his body keeps getting dug up mysteriously and brought into the government building. After much travail, the authorities find the culprit, a little old woman baker who bakes cakes in the shape of churches. They ask her why she keeps digging up the Stalin figure. She replies, “Because you cannot bury Stalin as if he never existed. You must renounce and repent of having ever followed this evil, egocentric maniac.”

The left should take this to heart. All the followers of egocentric maniacs should take it to heart. They should form a 12-step program called Utopian Fools Anonymous, and verbally repent and apologize for their support of Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Peron, Castro, Chavez and Muhammad. They should apologize to the world and every human being for the pain, suffering and brutality incurred by these maniacs. And, when some power-mad dictator shuts down the TV network, imprisons his own people and seizes control of private property, they should denounce him and relegate him to the dustbin of deceivers they will never follow again.

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