Street Preachers Fellowship leader Ruben Israel during earlier protest that said condemned abortionist killer Paul Hill was a murderer, not a Christian

A Christian street preacher is charging that the homosexual community in Chicago is guilty of hypocrisy because he was refused permission to march in a June 24 “gay” pride parade.

“I see this as nothing but hypocrisy,” said
Ruben Israel,
who has been at the Chicago event for seven previous years, protesting the homosexual lifestyle choice from the sidewalks.

This year he sought permission to participate, and was refused. He followed up with a statement making the accusation.

“Is this not the same group that demands everyone accept them for who they are?

“Is this not the same group that cries discrimination, if not recognized?

“Is this not the same people that will not accept us for who we are?

“Is this not the same people that demand tolerance?

“Is this not the same group that wishes to walk in Macy’s parade and [be] allowed in the ‘Boy Scouts?” Israel asked.

Spokesman Richard Pfeiffer for the Chicago homosexual group confirmed to WND that Israel had been rejected.

“We, the gay folk, have the right to exclude them from the parade,” Pfeiffer said, adding a U.S. Supreme Court decision gives his group the right to edit the opinions of groups that participate in a sponsored parade.

James Elsman, a lawyer working with Israel, said he wasn’t so sure the Chicago homosexual group was correct in that interpretation, especially since Israel has been “participating” in the parade with his protests for a number of years already.

“I have advised Mr. Israel to sue Chicago Pride,” he said. “It is my professional opinion that Christian ministers cannot be barred from the Chicago Gay Parade by the organizers…”

“The gays preach ‘diversity & inclusion,’ and they give unequal protection of the laws to Christians. These preachers want diversity and inclusion, which the gays do not,” the lawyer said.

Israel told WND he got the wording for his expression of concern from documentation homosexual groups have used in the past to advocate for their demands of endorsement.

“We are a group that has a different sexual preference and being that this parade is filled with diversity, we considered ourselves welcomed,” he said. “And we were wrong.”

Israel said when the “gay” community is in a “leadership” position, “they … become dictators and force acceptance of their agenda. I wish to expose this hypocrisy as a double standard for we also love a man, too, and His name is Jesus Christ.”

Israel told WND that he is just following the standards for making demands for acceptance set up by the “gay” organizations.

“Most Christians go to church on Sunday and all they know is the four walls of the church. The real world if these people ever take over will be more of a dictatorship. Freedom of speech no longer exists. Freedom of religion no longer exists,” he said.

He said the rule of law would be: “You’ve offended me. I want to shut you down.”

An earlier San Francisco Chronicle reporter noted while covering the participation by children with homosexual parents in an Easter Egg hunt in Washington that a Christian couple said their beliefs led them to believe children should be raised by a mother and a father.

Then the reporter noted in the next paragraph that “gay and lesbian families said they hope to change those attitudes…”

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