Baltimore’s she-he Methodist minister – the former Ann Gordon, now medically altered to Drew Phoenix – has been reappointed minister of St. John’s Church by the Baltimore- Washington annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

This inevitably raises the question: What precisely did the surgeons do to really change Ann into Drew, if the Rev. Drew is really a full-fledged male?

I don’t really want to go into specific details on all this, but what the Rev. Drew Phoenix claims, and what this United Methodist Conference has decided to accept, undeniably raises the ecclesiastically burning question: How can a woman really become a man without surgical implementation of testicles and penis? And if so, where did these come from? Were they obtained from a man transexualized to womanhood?

While there are no reports that these genital considerations were discussed at that closed session of this United Methodist Conference, there are reports that some of the clergy asked for a “rule of law,” which automatically takes the issue to the denomination’s highest court, the Judicial Council, which will be meeting next October.

Phoenix announces: “The gender I was assigned at birth has never matched my own true God-given gender identity.”

Which begs two more questions: 1) Why did this assigned-at-birth female take Methodist ministry vows before being sexually altered? and 2) Is the former she – who is now a he – considering the possibility of marriage and conceiving children? And if so, how?

Mark Tooley, director of United Methodist Action, a part of the Institution on Religion and Democracy, said:

“Liberal church elites, presiding over dwindling congregations are making decisions without regard for historic Christian teaching or a wider consensus among the church’s membership – Christianity rejects the suggestion that sexual identity is merely a state of mind, or a preference. Gender and physicality in Christians and Jewish teaching are intrinsically linked to God’s order of creation. … Gender is not a choice but a reality.”

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