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'Where's the Fence?' campaign hits TV

Grassfire.org has launched a national TV and Internet ad campaign called “Where’s the Fence?” targeting key Republican senators facing this week’s anticipated vote on S. 1348, the “comprehensive immigration-reform bill.”

The campaign features three elderly ladies searching for the fence Congress promised to build in last year’s Secure Fence Act of 2006 signed by President Bush Oct. 26. (View the ad on the “Where’s the Fence?” website.)

While admitting the ad campaign is designed to enter a bit of humor into the heated immigration debate, Grassfire.org President Steve Elliot emphasized the $175,000 campaign is designed to target seven states with customized versions featuring key senators who have “supported amnesty or have expressed support for this year’s amnesty bill.”

The initial media buy includes national airings on Fox and CNN, along with customized regional broadcasts in the states of the following Republican senators:

The only Democratic senator targeted in the Grassfire campaign is Virginia’s Jim Webb.

“The Senate is determined to pass amnesty,” Elliott said in an e-mail. “The only thing that can stop the Senate is a massive uprising. We believe citizens need a simple, succinct, and powerful rally cry – one that will resonate through the halls of the Senate. ‘Where’s the Fence?’ could be that cry.”

Grassfire is asking its 1 million team members to help drive the message home with phone calls and faxes to Senate offices, asking: “Where’s the Fence?”

The Senate is expected to vote this week on a series of amendments to S. 1348 that are expected to determine the bill’s fate.

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