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Hilton jail-stabbing hoax

Paris Hilton mugshot

A verbally abusive Paris Hilton was stabbed repeatedly with a sharpened metal ruler by a disgruntled fellow inmate according to a hoax posted on a website featuring user-submitted videos and other content.

According to the spoof – designed to appear like a CNN News Internet page – Hilton suffered wounds to the chest, back, throat and abdomen. Although stabilized, the heiress was not given a good prognosis for recovery.

The alleged assailant, a female prisoner, claimed Hilton had verbally assaulted her upon being returned to her cell after being ordered to serve the remainder of her sentence.

It was a charge confirmed by an unnamed “guard.”

“The moment she was checked back in, she was yelling at everyone. She called me a country bumpkin and I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I don’t know what her deal is,” the guard was reported to say.

“She probably had it coming.”

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