Gov. Mike Huckabee was right: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” So was Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter who also had the courage to raise their hands for creation in the presidential debates.

And now a new USA Today/Gallup Poll has found two-thirds of Americans agree. And those who believe creationism is “definitely true” more than double those who believe strongly in evolution.

The condescending sarcasm with which the questions were asked is surpassed only by the arrogant reactions to the answers. Democratic pollster Mark Mellman said the hand raisers look like a “front” for the “Flat Earth Society.” Let’s get our facts straight. When the “scientific” community proclaimed the earth to be flat, it was the Bible (Isaiah 40:22) that said otherwise: “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth. …”

We saw this same kind of caricature when the $27 million Creation Museum opened near Cincinnati, Ohio, a few weeks ago. While the evolutionists have the textbooks, the government schools and the “history” museums that tout their theory as fact, they’re panicked because one museum says otherwise.

The loudest criticism came from those who complained that the (cool animatronic) dinosaurs are displayed as coexisting with humans. They were supposed to be dead for millions of years before humans existed. If that’s true, then who drew all those cave drawings that look like dinosaurs? And why does nearly every culture on earth have artifacts and stories about them? They’re even described in the Bible (Job 40:15-23) – beings with “ribs like bars of iron” and a “tail like a cedar” – coexisting with humans. But, of course, we can’t believe that book. We’d rather get our “facts” from a racist guy named Darwin who wrote “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; Or, the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” – the real title of his famous book.

And what of that Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Montana that contained soft tissue and blood vessels? Can blood vessels really last 65 million years? That’s a question they never asked in the debates.

And their theory that life came from non-living organisms has just one problem: Life doesn’t come from non-living organisms.

Just because the evolutionists are arrogant doesn’t mean they’re right.

Oh, but there is a mountain in South Dakota that proves what evolutionists have been saying all along: that if you just have enough time, wind, rain, erosion, and pure chance, you can get a mountain with the faces of four U.S. presidents on it!

If we can all admit that the faces of Mt. Rushmore didn’t just accidentally appear, how much more complex are the people standing behind the podiums who want to be president?

Here’s a question I have for Chris Matthews and the smug reporters at CNN. Which is more complex?

a. The faces of Mt. Rushmore
b. a 747
c. your cell phone
d. a worm

If you guessed “worm,” you are right. The DNA structures, digestive system and reproductive system are far more complex than those other things that obviously had a designer. Maybe, just maybe, someone designed that worm, too.

A while back, Cross TV asked me to host a television special on evolution. Take a look at what a leap of faith it takes just to believe in the “evolution” of the eye from a freckle. View the show online.

If you’ve gone to government school as I did, you were probably taught evolution. But was that flood a mythical story or historical fact? Some say it’s a myth because an account of it appeared in civilizations all over the world. They assert that the tale of the ark, the animals and the flood was such a dramatic story, everyone must have copied off each other.

For example, Australian Aborigines, who were rather isolated and not known for their Christian beliefs, have an account of a flood. Their account was that that man had done something terribly wrong, and the flood came as a judgment from “the gods.” But there was this boat, where a man and his three sons put the animals in it and were saved. The flood was a judgment because of sin, and so a man with three sons – just like Noah had – built a boat.

In Babylon, the story is also remarkably similar, but in their version the boat was a cube seven stories high. Now, I’m not exactly a nautical expert, but it seems to me that that a cube isn’t the best design for a floating vessel. Similar story, whacked-out boat. Think about it. Could it be that everyone wrote about the flood because … there really was one? And there really was a man with three sons in a boat that contained all the animals? Could it be that it really was built with the sea-worthy dimensions that are recorded in the Bible and it landed on the mountains of Ararat as the Bible said it did?

And what about the fossil record? If the account of Genesis is true, and the flood really happened, the fossil record would be very explicit and predictable. Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, explains it this way. If there was a great flood, you would expect the fossil record to reveal “billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth.” What we find in the fossil record is: billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth. What do you know?

We also wouldn’t see any “transition fossils,” where fish are becoming reptiles and reptiles are becoming birds, for example. No, just distinct fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. How about that?

But didn’t we hear about “Lucy” – the so-called “missing link?” What wasn’t reported was that Lucy was a chimp. There are a whole bunch just like her at Monkey Island at the zoo – which never turn into human beings no matter how long they’ve been there.

No, order doesn’t come from chaos; and Mount Rushmore wasn’t the result of erosion and chance. And while the government schools have been teaching their primordial slime for decades, they still haven’t convinced two-third’s of America, a new museum and four courageous men running for president who stand for the truth of creation.

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