My cup, dear friend, runneth over. The pile of papers on my desk was so deep this morning, I had to bring in a guy with a skip loader and a suicide squad of Islamists with C-4 explosives to unbury my keyboard.

Accordingly, I have requested an indefinite leave of absence from our guardians of the world’s cultural gates at This will be my last column for a while. My date of return is uncertain, but I’m sure the world will scrape along without me somehow.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of my thoughts and adventures in either of two ways:

  1. Check in at and click on my blog site (or any of my sites) once in a while. My blog posts may be as erratic as Britney on a bad day, but drop by now and then, and eventually you’ll be duly rewarded.

  2. Or let’s suppose you want to stay more current with me. But if I hit a busy spell and write no new website entries for a month, you don’t want to wear out your fingers, hunting through my sites for new stuff again and again. So here’s what you can do: Click on the “Notify Me” button installed on my landing page and blog site. That will bring you my RSS feed. (That stands for Really Simple Syndication.) An RSS feed is a great new timesaving mechanism. It will automatically send you an e-mail notice – usually a one-click link – every time I put something new onto one of the websites or my blog. The notice will be something like:

“Just found out the world will end tomorrow. Click HERE for details.”

“Also, check out my new, 300-page article on 14th Century French farming methods by clicking HERE.”

So, if you’re more turned on by eschatology than agriculture, you can click on that and skip the other. Like I said, RSS is a fast, painless way to get free updates. And if you ever decide you’re tired of my wheezings, you can always click on the Bail-Out Button.

Be forewarned: My website and blog site stuff will be more pointedly spiritual than my WND meanderings from politics to economics to the culture wars. My main participants will be card-carrying Christians. However, anybody can tune in. I echo the clever folks in Roswell, N.M., who now say on their entrance sign, “Welcome to Roswell … Wherever You’re From!”

It’s all God’s fault

The main reason for this sudden vanishing act is that the Lord has been putting more and more stuff on my plate – truly fantastic opportunities and challenges that are beyond what I ever dreamed of in my lifetime. As things grow, they could easily take up the rest of my life.

If you happen to be a citizen of Narnia, my word to you is, “Aslan is on the move!” Click on my link at the end of this column, and you’ll get a preview of what’s starting to explode in my life and around the world.

For one major example, I’m now part of a local team of fewer than 20 who reach out to anyone needing physical healing – or deliverance from spiritual oppressions of various sorts. Just since January, we’ve seen God heal several cancers, a couple of cases of osteonecrosis (severely disintegrating jawbones), plus other instances of healing totally incurable conditions like lupus, scleroderma, type-1 diabetes, post-polio syndrome and others I’ve forgotten.

We’re very ordinary folks – no professionals, no pastors, no shouting and no collections whatsoever. But we offer a quiet, open meeting about once a month in Colorado Springs, and if you or a friend needs help, please check out the time and place of the next meeting via either my landing site, or my blog site, then clicking on “Ministry Meetings.”

The true significance of what our little bunch is doing is this: We want to help you start a similar, miracle-producing team of ordinary people in your town. We want you to discover that fully dedicated, born-again Christians are empowered to do far, far more than what you’ve been told.

Lots of people who have read of the many miracles in my book “Megashift: Igniting Spiritual Power” have complained that most of those things are taking place overseas. Well, we’re starting to fix that. It looks like in a few years there will be thousands of small, home-based or office-based teams functioning as house churches (campus churches, etc.) all across North America. In agreement with top pollster George Barna, I’d say that by 2025, 65-70 percent of all U.S. Christians will be meeting in simple little fellowships: independent, interactive, non-hierarchical, empowering, life-changing and world-changing. The other 30-35 percent will still be in the pews, sitting and listening … and listening and listening.

Don’t get left behind

Well, this is it. It’s actually the end of my 100th column – perhaps a fitting point to take a break before I break into little pieces myself.

Visit my blog site. I can’t promise you a punctual column each week, but I can promise you excitement as it happens. History’s greatest adventures lie just ahead. Keep in touch. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

In any case, it’s not adieu, friend, but au revoir – see you later.

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