In Darfur, an impoverished region of Western Sudan, the Islamic Janjaweed militia has systematically slaughtered more than 200,000 people – mostly Christians mixed with a few other non-Muslims.

They had the full backing and support of the Islamic government of Sudan. Another 200,000 are believed to have died from related disease and starvation. About 2.5 million more have become displaced refugees.

The genocide began in February 2003 and has continued unabated for four years while the United Nations debated but did nothing. In March of this year, the U.N. mission to Sudan officially accused the Sudanese government of orchestrating and participating in the violence – but they stopped short of calling it what it really is: “genocide.”

The reason? If the U.N. officially recognizes the slaughter as genocide, then it would be forced under its charter to take action. So, in 2005, the U.N. commissioned a report that said, in part, “The crucial element of genocidal intent appears to be missing, at least as far as the central government authorities are concerned.”

However, the report said there is recognition “that in some instances, individuals – including Sudanese government officials – may commit acts with genocidal intent.”

It concluded, “Whether this was the case in Darfur, however, is a determination that only a competent court can make on a case-by-case basis.”

Incredibly, the report openly admitted it was withholding the names of those behind the violence. It said the names were being withheld publicly “to protect witnesses from retribution, to respect due process and because the commission was not vested with investigative or prosecutorial powers.”

The U.N. report promised, “The commission instead will list the names in a sealed file that will be placed in the custody of the U.N. secretary-general.” That was two years ago, and the United Nations has yet to do anything to stop the slaughter.

Now, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has discovered a new culprit. Not surprisingly, his discovery saves the U.N. from having to take any action against the Islamists in control of Sudan.

In an editorial for the Washington Post, the secretary-general says the real culprit is – now get this – “global warming.” Conveniently, global warming is an enemy everybody can be mad at without offending the Islamists at the U.N. who fully support the “ethnic cleansing” of non-Muslims.

The secretary-general wrote, “Almost invariably, we discuss Darfur in a convenient military and political shorthand [as] an ethnic conflict pitting Arab militias against black rebels and farmers. Look to its roots, though, and you discover a more complex dynamic.” Ban theorized that rainfall in Sudan began declining two decades ago – a phenomenon due “to some degree, from man-made global warming.”

He points out, “It is no accident that the violence in Darfur erupted during the drought.” The U.N. leader concludes, “Any peace in Darfur must be built on solutions that go to the root causes of the conflict.”

Therefore, the conflict ISN’T the fault of the Muslims. And the solution ISN’T up to the U.N. It’s all due to global warming. And everybody knows global warming is the fault of the United States.

And SHAZAM! The only logical conclusion is … the genocide in Darfur is America’s fault. Simple, isn’t it?

This proves what a wise man taught me: “Give a man his pre-suppositions and he can logically prove anything.”

Now that it’s come up with a way to blame America for the Sudan non-genocide, the U.N. can return its attention to blaming Israel for the political genocide taking place in Gaza.

My … isn’t it wonderful when things come together so logically?

A similar situation has developed with the Christian Palestinians. Before the Muslim-dominated “Palestinian Authority” took over the administration of the West Bank and Gaza, there were many Arab Christians living there.

This was particularly true in Bethlehem. Christian Palestinian families had lived there for many generations and represented at least 75 percent of the population.

They had thriving tourism businesses. They produced beautiful jewelry and Christian artifacts that were favorites with all the tourists.

At first, the Muslims demanded heavy taxes from them. They would swoop into their stores and pick up sacks of expensive jewelry and say it was for the “cause of liberating Palestine.”

Then they began to threaten and mistreat them. This went on until almost all of the Christians fled to other countries. Many are my friends. Estimates place the Christian population in Bethlehem at less than 18 percent now.

The Christian minority in Gaza is in even more peril. Christian leaders say there are approximately 2,000 Christians among the 1.4 million Gazans, and only a couple of hundred “evangelical” Christians.

Their churches are often taken over by the warring factions. The Bible Society offices have been ransacked and the workers beaten. Others have been threatened, battered, shot and killed. Yet their leaders are committed to staying and serving their communities.

Let’s not forget our African and Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s hold them up in prayer and seek God for their protection and ultimate liberation.

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