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1 seat away from victory

While pro-lifers bicker about whether the partial-birth abortion ban was strong enough, let me settle the debate: It wasn’t. Will it protect many children? It won’t. Was it worth doing? Without a better alternative on the table, it was.

I could join in the criticism because I don’t think, to use Justice’s Kennedy’s words, “ripping apart” children is any better than sucking out their brains when they’re halfway born. As the person who passed the first ban on partial-birth abortion, let me say, if there would have been an opportunity to restore full protection to these kids, I would have taken it. But with no one courageous enough to utter the word “impeachment” or defy the bench-sitting, self-declared “legislators,” who think their black robes grant them sovereignty, we are bound by their tyrannical rule.

But here’s the good news: We are now exactly one seat away from reversing this horrific injustice. To put it in football terms, we’re in the Super Bowl for the future of our country, and it’s “fourth and goal.” Sure, we can all find fault with the previous plays. We can talk about the scoreboard, the un-level playing field and the unfair referees – not to mention the media coverage of the game. But (according to the exit polls), with two-thirds of evangelical Christians sitting on the sidelines in the last presidential election, we, the “values voters,” were still the largest voting bloc in America. We’ve been playing the game with only one-third of our team – imagine what would happen if each of us brought two bench-sitters with us to vote for a godly pro-life leader in the primaries and general election? Here’s what would happen: We’d win.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said, “I think [Roe v. Wade] in the short term will be dismantled.” She’s right. Take a look at the other ways Roe is on the brink of collapse.

  1. Two-thirds of the abortion mills have closed their doors. Doctors primarily go into medicine to “save lives” rather than take them, and the number of abortion mills went from 2,100 to just over 700 in the last 15 years.

  2. ALL technology defends life, and now states like Georgia are requiring an ultrasound of the child before they can be killed.

  3. African-Americans are starting take a stand. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent. Sites like www.KlanParenthood.com are exposing that every three days more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in the last 150 years. Planned Parenthood is doing what the Klan only dreamed about.

  4. Poll after poll confirms America’s youth is pro-life. Planned Parenthood’s first plan for their lives was abortion – they’re not inclined to listen to them now.

  5. Corruption. The abortion industry is breaking the law. According to an undercover sting operation by Life Dynamics (where a woman posing as 13-year-old with a 22-year-old-boyfriend tried to schedule an abortion), 91 percent of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation clinics are breaking the mandatory statutory rape reporting requirement – and acting as a pedophile protection racket.

  6. Women – they’re the experts and they are speaking up by the thousands about how abortion hurt them physically, emotionally and spiritually – as well as brutally taking the life of their child.

  7. The majority in America is pro-life. Even the pro-abortion studies reveal it. And when people vote on the abortion issue, they are twice as likely to vote pro-life.

  8. Abortions are down 500,000 per year from the abortion peak in the early ’90s.

  9. The partial-birth abortion ruling also put a crack in Roe by stating that the state can protect the life of the child “from the inception of the pregnancy.”

  10. The ruling also got rid of the mandatory “mental health” exception – opening the door for some real regulations.

The partial-birth abortion ban exposed the horrific nature of abortion and those who support it. Mark Crutcher filmed the reaction of the abortion supporters at the National Abortion Federation meeting – and when they finished watching the video of a defenseless child having her brains sucked out, they all … clapped. Just like Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama (and every other Democratic presidential candidate), Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney (until a year and a half ago) who all supported the barbaric procedure. If this decision does nothing more than disqualify these people from office so we can get behind the one who will appoint the judge we’ve been waiting for, it will have been worth it.

If you don’t like what the pro-life movement has done so far, here’s and idea: Do something different! Here’s a few other ideas off the top of my head:

  1. Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution states:

    “The Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.”

    This means that Congress can “make exceptions” to the kinds of cases that even the Supreme Court can hear. OK, how about this? We pass a child protection bill in Congress while yanking from the Supreme Court the ability to rule on abortion cases (Article 1, Section 2). If Tom Daschle withdrew jurisdiction from the federal judges over brush fires in South Dakota, maybe we can use it for something a bit more important. Let’s attach automatic impeachment hearings should a judge illegally interfere. It would only take a majority vote.

  2. Let’s introduce a bill that outlaws dismemberment abortion.

  3. And burning the child alive with saline solution.

  4. And sucking a child to pieces.

    If one brutal method can be made illegal, let’s outlaw the rest!

  5. We find one governor and one state attorney general who, based on the overwhelming scientific evidence of the prenatal child’s humanity, apply state homicide laws to abortion. Homicide laws (and how they are applied) are a state issue.

  6. Yank Title 10 funding from all agencies shown to violate the (statutory rape) law, and

  7. Demand repayment of funds granted where it’s been demonstrated that the law has been broken.

  8. Work in the primary elections for a solid, trustworthy pro-life candidate.

  9. Work in the general election to make sure he wins.

  10. Fast and pray like millions of lives depend on it.

We are within arm’s reach of victory. Fourth and goal … one seat from success. This is the last moment when we should be bickering. This is the very last time when we should give up. Get your fellow-pro-lifers off the bench, because we’re about to win our country back.

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