America is fighting for its life in the first war of the 21st century. The battle is, indeed, for the soul of America, and ground zero in this battle is Iraq.

According to the Quran, it was on a Tuesday that Allah created darkness. It is not necessary to consult a calendar to see what the date was when Islamo-fascists crashed commercial planes into crowded buildings in New York City. Darkness cast its shadow across America that day.

The liberal left was at work in an instant, demonizing anyone that dared acknowledge the doctrine of the terrorists. The insults, verbal abuse and attacks were so severe that anyone who contradicted them was labeled “ignorant, evil, racist and bigot.”

These same leftists then began a campaign to blame Israel for the attack on America. The beliefs of the attackers were defended by those avowing that Islam was a peaceful religion, signaling an instant victory for the Islamo-fascists.

Since that time, America has continued to fight the war on terror; yet the war is being lost from within. While our troops are in harm’s way, liberals are saying and doing everything possible to side with the enemy. None dare call it treason, still they will do all in their power to destroy anyone who stands in their way.

These weak, self-righteous, spineless peddlers of weapons of mass deception have only one goal in mind: to break the will of the nation and force America to surrender to the enemy. They think leaving Iraq will convince the terror cartel that we wish to be friends.

Indeed, the battle is for the soul of America. These appeasers attack our president and every conservative that dares raise a voice with moral clarity. They lie in claiming that a right-wing President Bush has squandered the nation’s moral authority. The lie has been told so many times, great numbers of Americans believe it.

The liberal left has called President Bush a liar, warmonger, Hitler, a terrorist, a greater threat than Osama bin Laden. The root of their rage springs from his faith and moral values. The seed was sown when then-Gov. Bush entered the political arena and declared that Jesus Christ was his greatest hero.

The liberals are more tolerant of terrorists than of God-fearing Americans. Their plan is to destroy the resolve of the American people and convince them that troops in Iraq are not actually fighting a war on terror. These peddlers of perversion are waging psychological warfare, which costs them nothing, while our troops daily risk their lives for freedom.

These political appeasers hope to produce social paranoia that will break the will of the American people. The cry, “Get out of Iraq,” if heeded, will allow an Iranian Shiite Islamic revolution to spread like an epidemic from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the borders of Israel and beyond.

No one will admit that the vast majority of our troops killed in Iraq are killed by terror states and regimes outside Iraq. To do that would be to admit that this really is a war on terror.

The awesome devastation wrought on this nation by Osama bin Laden and company is as nothing compared to the knockout blow secular humanist liberals in Hollywood, the media and universities are delivering. This will endanger our very lives and the lives of our children.

Bin Laden wrote a now-famous letter to al-Zawahiri, pointing out that more than half the battle was a media battle. Currently, bin Laden is winning the war by waging a media battle to destroy the resolve of the American people. Every opportunity is taken to elevate the terrorists and denigrate a patriotic American public.

The goal of the left is to drive America out of the Middle East. This will mean surrender to the terrorists. The terrorists will have won the battle and will declare that it’s time to take the war to the streets of America, the “Great Satan” – just as they have been doing for years against Israel, the “Little Satan.”

There was a time when a nation’s military was the decisive factor in any war. That is no longer true. Battles are now fought, and won, in the media. Modern-day pundits in the form of politicians, preachers, producers and the press hold enormous sway over public opinion.

Unlike the engagements in World War II, today battles and, indeed, wars are no longer fought to a final conclusion, i.e., Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, etc. Tactics revolve around incursions, intifadas, insurgents, jihads and suicide bombers. Superpowers that engage in combat are constrained by the Geneva Conventions and accepted rules of engagement; the enemy, on the other hand, is free to break all the rules while pointing a finger of blame at the opponent.

Loyalty may be decided by news clips, advertisements or the latest spin doctor. It may be tied more to political interests – liberalism, conservatism, Islamism, etc. – than to patriotism. America is no longer “one nation under God”; we have become fragmented and polarized.

Victory in the war on terror will remain elusive as long as the liberal factions deny America is engaged in a war for its very survival. The liberals refuse to believe there are millions of bin Ladens waiting for the opportunity to attack. Rather, they have a simple solution to the war on terrorism; give the terrorists what they want, and they will leave us alone.

Neville Chamberlain believed that, as did the world during the 1930s. Today’s lies are no different than those told by Hitler during the ’30s. At the time, no one believed he really meant it when he said he wanted to rule the world and exterminate the Jews. Six million Jews in Europe and 55 million people worldwide thought the same thing, and died because of it.

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