Tristan Emmanual

If politicians won’t find a way to deport illegals, then it is time for Americans who care to take matters into their own hands. By having lots of babies.

Now, before you write this off as the delusion of a crackpot, stop and listen; this is not about promoting racism. What this is, is a kind of “Gorism”; a call to “think globally and act locally” on the matter of population trends.

Conservative estimates of the birthrate among the 12 million illegals in the U.S. sits at somewhere around 3.5 per couple, whereas America’s rate is about 2.1 children per couple. Now, I know this figure is very difficult to substantiate because we are dealing with undocumented people; however, if that figure is correct – and it very likely is – America will be a very different place in the span of 20 short years.”

Even if the present number of illegals remained static – if their extended family members were not given access to America through an amnesty bill and the steady stream of illegals crossing the border were stopped – 12 million illegals would radically invert the cultural hegemony of America.

The problem isn’t just that they’re coming over illegally; it is that these resident “aliens” are out-pacing Americans 3 to 1 in the reproduction department. That means the popular wisdom that says we’ll have 50 million when this is all said-and-done is wrong. It will be more like 150 million.

Unless America is prepared to deport them all, the only way to compete is to have as many or more babies as them.

It sounds far-fetched I know, and frankly a little “rich,” coming from a Canadian. After all, Canada has absolutely no credibility in this department, with a paltry 1.5 children per couple. The lack of anything even close to a “replacement rate” for the population has already sealed our fate. But honestly, unless America survives, Western democracy as a whole will be a matter of history.

Mark Steyn wrote about it in his book “America Alone” – and that one phrase literally is the most accurate way of expressing the crisis of our time.

The salient feature all around the West today is that Europe, Russia, Japan and Canada are literally running out of babies – meaning in the near future America is literally going to be ALONE.

Let me just add some statistical numbers to drive the point home. In Greece, the fertility rate is hovering just below 1.3 births per couple, Italy has a fertility rate of 1.2, Spain, 1.1; and in the Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan it is 1.2. And Russia? Well, let’s just say Stalin would be proud.

And just to add a little angst to the scenario, Steyn says that if all things remain as they are now, by the year 2050, “60 percent of Italians will have no brothers, no sisters, no cousins, no aunts and no uncles.”

Unless an act of God saves the birthplace of Roman Catholicism, those “pizones” who invented the cappuccino and sang opera like nobody’s business won’t be around to win another World Cup, which should make the Germans ecstatic – Oh, wait, they won’t be around either – sorry – the Brazilians then.

America will have to shoulder the responsibility of being the only Western democracy left; at least the only one big enough to give the remaining “whites” a geographical location to call “home,” and – here is the important part – a place relatively free from hostile cultures.

This raises another important point.

What does it mean to America when one of the fastest-growing populations on the planet is a group that, as Steyn puts it, isn’t convinced that American civil liberties are a gift from God? And what do you think it’ll mean for that traditional American demographic when the Latin American population explosion meets the Muslim population explosion on American soil, and traditional Americans are in the minority?

If you think racial tensions were bad in America’s past, just wait until the dust settles on this score.

That is why, if you really care about this issue, you can’t afford to wait for the politicians. You need to take matters into your own hands. You need babies. Lots and lots of babies – within the legitimate bonds of marriage, of course. (And while we are on the subject, isn’t it about time that Ann Coulter got married and gave America a lot of little Anns?)

Think of it as patriotism in the flesh. It makes sense for Americans to have more babies to secure and perpetuate a free and stable America for the next generation. And there is this added benefit also – it is an act of global philanthropy, because we are depending on America to keep the West alive.

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Tristan Emmanuel, M.T.S., is the founder and president of ECP Centre – Equipping Christians for the Public-Square. He is the host of “No Apologies,” a weekly web-radio show dedicated to illustrating the absurdity of political correctness, and he is the author of “Christophobia: The Real Reason Behind Hate Crime Legislation” and “Warned: Canada’s Revolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America.” Emmanuel writes as a Christian cultural apologist, defending the need for advocating and living out a comprehensive cultural Christianity today.

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