Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio

Meet the dumbest man in Congress.

Who could it be?

Ted Kennedy?

Joe Biden?

Jack Murtha?

I admit it. There’s quite a bit of competition for the title – the dumbest man in Congress.

Could it be Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee or Patty Murray?

No, I’m not limiting the choices to men of the male persuasion. We’re talking about men here in the sense of mankind. These chicks are in contention – no question about it. Each has made her own bids for the honor.

What about Jim Moran?

Charlie Rangel?

Robert Byrd?

It’s a tough choice, isn’t it? There are lots of qualified candidates.

Could it be Mark Udall?

Or Tom Udall?

Or Anyone Named Udall?

These are all good nominees, without a doubt. But I think there is a clear choice for the title. The only thing that has kept him from earning the title before is his own obscurity. But he has managed to overcome that liability in recent weeks.

My choice has been in the news recently – at least twice.

Do you want to know who I think is the dumbest man in Congress?

I tell you it is Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio.

Personally, I came to this conclusion while listening to the man babble and sputter during what should have been a routine interview with radio talker Sean Hannity – a friendly to most Republicans.

But Voinovich, being the dumbest man in Congress, self-destructed. He imploded. He self-immolated. He nuked himself.

You can hear the whole exchange for yourself if you have never had the pleasure. It will be worth your time – especially if you are from Ohio.

For starters, Voinovich demonstrated he had no clue what the Fairness Doctrine was. This was pretty strange given some of his colleagues were clamoring to reinstate the rule that required broadcasters to provide all sides of important policy issues.

“Fairness Doctrine – I’m all for it, whatever it is,” he said. “I think everyone should be open to show the other side. That’s what you do every night on Fox. That’s great!”

When Hannity reminded Voinovich that the Fairness Doctrine would establish government regulatory bureaucracies to enforce this balance, Voinovich quickly retreated. He also misinterpreted the results of a vote in the Senate hours earlier.

Let’s just say he didn’t handle himself real well.

Then earlier this month Voinovich was back in the news for a simply astonishing quote attributed to him.

When Sen. John McCain returned from a trip to Iraq, he told some of his colleagues the most dangerous threat for U.S. troops was al-Qaida.

How did Voinovich respond?

“Al-Qaida wouldn’t be in Iraq if American forces weren’t there!” he retorted.

Of course, he’s right. If American forces weren’t in Iraq, al-Qaida would be right here!

A little-known U.S. senator from a major U.S. state has emerged from obscurity to become the holder of a real distinction – the dumbest man in the U.S. Congress.

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