Propaganda on Hamas’ childrens television

The Palestinian Media Watch is warning that the propaganda being delivered to children through Al-Aqsa Television may be working, after a three-year-old caller went on the air to complain that Jews killed Farfur, a Mickey Mouse look-alike character who promoted Jihad.

The character earlier had been beaten to death by another character the mouse had called an Israeli “terrorist.” The kids program’s hostess said, “Farfur was martyred while defending his land” and said his death was at the hands of the “killers of children.”

WND reported when the mouse character was replaced by a new bee character, Nahool, who also advocates for Jihad for children.

“In an unusual propaganda technique that could only be effective with young children, it is this beating ‘death’ that was created on their own TV that is now being used as a reason to see Jews as murderers,” said PMW. “In an earlier program a child called in and insisted the Jews were dogs because they killed Farfur. So the propaganda may be working.”

When the three-year-old called in to say the Jews killed Farfur, the show’s hostess, Saraa’ responded: “That’s right … The Jews are criminals and enemies, we must expel them from our land,” PMW reported.

The Israel-based organization that monitors television in the Middle East said the promotion of hatred for Jews through depictions as cold-blooded murderers “is a recurring theme on Hamas TV.”

In the last week, there have been at least two such broadcasts, the group said. One was during the newest episode featuring Nahool the Hamas bee, in which the character reminds children twice that Jews are guilty of murder.

The exchange included this:

Nahool: “You and we will liberate the sad Al-Aqsa that is waiting for us. Yes, we will liberate Al-Aqsa from the filth of the criminal Jews, who killed my grandfather, and killed Farfur, and history will bear witness to that…”

Another time, a young caller, Sabah, is asked what she wants to be.

Sabah: “Journalist.”

Saraa’ (hostess): “Wow, journalist! Nahool, we need journalists.”

Nahool. “Why? So that … so that they will photograph the Jews when they are killing Farfur and the little children?”

Saraa’: “Yes, Nahool.”

Another young caller: “We will go on [the path] of Jihad when we grow up.”

Nahool: “Yes, we are all Jihad warriors.”

Saraa’: “Allah willing.”

The report said the second depiction of a murder by Jews on Hamas television, owned by Al-Aqsa Television, shows a child running with an adult, presumably with his father, until the adult is shot in the back.

“The child seems to ignore the dead father but takes the key the father was holding – implying it is the key to their home in Israel,” the group said.

Previously on the kids’ show, “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” Nahool said: “We shall avenge the enemies of Allah, the murderers of the prophets [i.e., the Jews], the murderers of innocent children, until Al-Aqsa will be liberated from their filth.”

Hamas, which won a majority in parliament in January 2006 elections, officially is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

PMW noted there was “worldwide outrage” after it reported the existence of Farfur and his hateful messages in May. “The New York Daily news dubbed the character ‘Terror Mouse,’ while Walt Disney’s daughter Diane described it as ‘pure evil,'” the group said.

As WND reported in March, an online forum tied to the website of Hamas posted a photo of a little girl in a combat vest and the head band of the terrorist Al-Qassam Brigades.

“Have you seen the new child martyr who will soon shake Israel [to the core]?” says the caption, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute blog

Future ‘martyr’

The message that accompanied the photo on the Shabakat Falastin Lilhiwar online forum says the girl “is part of the Muslim generation which will go down in history [as a generation] … that refused to [accept] humiliation and defeat.”

As WND reported, Hamas launched a children’s website in 2002, encouraging kids to follow the example of terrorist suicide bombers.

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