The Baltimore Sun reports that the newly named Catholic archbishop of Baltimore, Edwin F. O’Brien, in 1978, “helped found Courage, a group in New York that ministers to those with same-sex attractions and encourages them to lead celibate lives.”

The Sun’s Stephen Kiehl also reports:

“But Sam Sinnett, president of Dignity USA, a group for gay and lesbian Catholics, said:

“‘They keep talking about people changing their God-given sexual orientation. That’s just not a possibility. And any professional knows that. To live in willful ignorance of that is a terrible thing, particularly for a moral teacher.'”

Welcome to the Sun-world, Archbishop O’Brien! This Sun-printed statement suggests that you, as a moral teacher, are willfully ignorant and terrible.

I hope Maryland citizens will think very carefully about Mr. Sinnett’s memorable statement that being a sodomist is “a God-given sexual orientation” (even though this orientation is so repeatedly condemned in Holy Scripture).

That should really overjoy all members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, to hear from this Dignity president that their sexual orientation – to have sex with small children – is therefore and unavoidably “God-given,” too.

The Eulenspiegle Society in New York, which is the national headquarters of the nation’s sado-masachists, should also be delighted to learn from Dignity’s declaration that their pain-is-pleasure orientation is also “God-given.”

And what about the reportedly organized practitioners of bestiality in Missouri? Won’t they (and their freely-consenting animal sex partners) be overjoyed to learn from this Dignity definition that their sexual orientation is also “God-given” – even though it, S&M and pedophilia have nothing of the AIDS and syphilis death rate of sodomy?

“Courage,” reports the Sun, “now has 110 chapters worldwide.” And Sun reporter Kiehl went on to report:

“The group is different, however, from those such as Exodus International, an interdemoninational Christian organization that claims to convert gays to heterosexuality.”

Note that wording: “claims to convert.”

Does the Baltimore Sun have any evidence that no homosexual who ever affiliated with Exodus has ever been able to really experience a change in sexual orientation?

If not, why do they call Exodus an organization that only “claims”? Should any Baltimore hospital where anyone has ever died be described as an institution that “claims to cure”?

The Sun further quotes Dignity’s Sinnett as saying:

“Any bishop in this country knows that some of their finest priests are gay and that many of their brother bishops are gay. Particularly in this day of shortages, to turn away vocations and to undercut the fine gay priests in a diocese – this is the poorest type of leadership a bishop could give.”

The fact that for years some Catholic bishops – and directors of theological seminaries – were lax in admitting and watching out for pedophiles has resulted in many millions of dollars paid by dioceses and archbishops to the victims of such “tolerance” ($660 million in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles).

Hopefully, the Holy Father has sent to Baltimore a new archbishop from a West Point chaplaincy followed by chaplain’s combat service in Vietnam who has the guts and Christian morality to stop any and all priestly immorality – including sodomy, the leading distributor of both AIDS and syphilis.

Which begs the question: Does Sinnett of Dignity believes that AIDS and syphilis – as well as sodomy – are “God-given”? And if so, why did Jesus spend so much time healing – and attracting a disciple like Luke the physician?

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