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Hillary and women's rights – an oxymoron

Let’s get something straight right at the beginning! We are not in the business of making any moral judgments on former President Clinton. The people who claim that his adultery prevented him from devoting himself completely to the presidency are simply wrong. It took him 20 minutes to commit adultery and he had the rest of the day to be president.

We do, however, have and had serious concerns because, when he turned the White House into a Holiday Inn, he was only a temporary tenant basically utilizing our real estate for which we all paid. His long history of allegedly pressing for unwanted sex, hitting on women, seduction, cheating – the recipients of his charms running the spectrum extending from trailer park to society women – should be his own business, the business of the law itself, his conscience (as diminished as it may be), his minister or rabbi and the women involved – except when, one way or another, he utilized the high public office to which the citizens elected him to further his obnoxious goals. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the case most of the time. It is hard to imagine that if he were not president, and just another Arkansas clod-kicker, he would be able to hit so many home runs in this area of his special endeavor.

Getting to the point! If Hillary really did not know what was going on, while everybody else at the White House, from the fellow at the gate, to the stewards, to the Secret Service, to the porters, etc., knew that the girls were standing in line outside the Oval Office taking a number and waiting for their turn, she does not have enough brains to be president. How would she be able to figure out what was going on in the rest of the world when she could not figure out what was happening downstairs in her own home? Ms. Clinton, by knowing and doing nothing – even after the Monica Lewinsky affair monopolized the media – other than walking a few feet away from him with a glum face as they went to the helicopter, sent a terrible message to wives: This is the way to deal with a husband who cheats, insults and publicly embarrasses a wife. Further, by publicly putting up with his ongoing nonsense, she basically enabled her husband to continue to degrade, demean and abuse women.

What we find to be particularly obnoxious is that she touts herself as being in front of the parade, a banner-waver for women, when in fact she should be at the end sweeping away the garbage.

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