Republicans often complain about the bias of the liberal media. Democrats complain about the right-wing airwaves. What neither of them understand is that there is no such thing as “liberal” and “conservative” anymore. The mainstream media is simply a massive PR organ for the single party that rules the country; this is true of both the “liberal” institutions such as the New York Times and the “conservative” ones such as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

This assertion may contradict your understanding of how politics is supposed to work in this country, but if you simply take the time to look around you and consider the evidence that is right in front of your eyes, it is impossible to reach any other conclusion. How else does one explain the fact that the first thing Republicans do when elected is to abandon their republicanism, while the first thing Democrats do upon taking power is to immediately embrace the policies of their predecessors? Why would the Washington Post, a nominally “liberal” newspaper, refuse to even mention Ron Paul’s name when reporting the results of the Iowa straw poll, mysteriously leaping from the sixth place finisher to the fourth?

The ruling party is nameless. Paul Craig Roberts and Patrick J. Buchanan refer to it as the War Party, but that is only a description of one of its many interests, a better one would be the PoG, the Party of Government. Democrats and Republicans alike belong to it; the fact that more grass-roots Democrats are inclined to favor large government is irrelevant as members of the PoG are as happy to run roughshod over their campaign promises to Democrats as they are to those made to Republicans. One need only visit the many left-wing sites to realize that their sense of betrayal by the Democratic House and Senate in supporting the continuation of the Iraqi occupation is as great as that suffered by Republicans who naively voted for Bush and his “strong government” regime.

The Republican and Democratic parties are best understood as two rival factions of one party working toward a shared goal. They may have slightly different ideas about the ideal way to get there, but their long term goals are identical. Democrat Bill Clinton labored hard for NAFTA, Republican George Bush has pushed for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and it does not matter which faction is nominally in charge when the time comes to end American sovereignty once and for all in signing on to the North American Union. Mathematical probability suggests that it is not a coincidence that in a country of 300 million people, 2008 will see the election of the fourth Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton president.

The NAU is not a fiction; similar regional governments are already planned for other areas of the globe. The European Union is far ahead of its North American counterpart, but so is the lesser known African Union. The South American Union, on the other hand, lags slightly behind, while the Asian Union is so much less developed that it is still called the Asia Cooperation Dialogue. It seems the memories of how the last Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere turned out has inspired a little more resistance in Asia than in the rest of the world.

This is the only issue that truly matters. All other subjects, from hot button 2008 matters such as immigration and the Iraqi occupation to traditional battlegrounds like abortion and civil rights, are irrelevant in comparison. Once the Union is established, an unelected commission selected by the various national congresses will make all of the significant political decisions; the democratic will of the people will have about as much influence on the commission as it has on Supreme Court judges today.

Of course, it is far too early to expect liberal Americans and conservative Americans to put their legitimate and very serious differences aside in the interest of defending their national sovereignty, their Constitution and their democratic rights. But it is manifestly in the interest of even the most left-wing cultural liberal to support a right-to-life Republican who stands for national sovereignty, just as the most right-wing tax crusader must understand that he is better off voting for a big-spending, affirmative-action Democrat who believes in national independence than a Republican like George Bush.

As the two factions continue to converge into one Unionist party, a third party will eventually emerge. It will be made up of left-wing anarchists and right-wing radicals; it will contain Communists and libertarians; it will have blacks, Jews and John Birch Society members. There will be atheists, and there will be Christians. The one thing, the only thing, they will have in common is that on this one, vital political issue they will be Americans first.

It’s not too soon to start.


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