Just how screwed up are things in our country? Just how have the elected betrayed us, and how are they and the courts continuing to do so? How have their actions compromised our national security and the security of our neighborhoods? How are they determined to silence anyone who dares to expose them?

For an answer to the last question, we need look no further than San Francisco city officials. WorldNetDaily.com reported that they introduced a resolution condemning national talk-show host Michael Savage as using “defamatory language” against immigrants. (Savage Attacked by Officials Pushing Immigrant Bailout; 8/10/07).

According to the city officials, Savage is guilty of same because he has been outspoken in his opposition to their “trying to force taxpayers to pay for immigrants’ green cards and citizenship.” City supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, who introduced the resolution, branded Savage’s criticism as “symbolic of hatred and racism.” He lamented, “I really for the life of me cannot understand why there is not more media outrage to what Michael Savage [is saying].” He insisted that “the intolerant and racist comments of Michael Savage demand a strong condemnation.”

Sandoval is indicative of the felonious public officials who will go to any length to silence those who disagree with them. The public, communities, and country they were elected to serve be damned. Stick it to the legal citizenry is their credo. The elected on both sides of the aisle are guilty, especially those in the White House and Congress.

The White House and Congress are determined to cater to the farming industry, construction companies, janitorial and landscaping companies, and the hotel and restaurant industry, all of whom are pressuring them to ignore the voters so they can continue to reap the financial windfalls of a cheap, indentured labor force.

It is safe to say that when comparing the percentage of return, i.e., profit on dollars spent by the aforementioned industries juxtaposed to those of the oil and gas industry, we should be less critical of the profits of energy companies.

President Bush and legislators like Sandoval, Trent Lott, R-Miss., John Kyl, R-Ariz., John Cornyn, R-Texas, John McCain, R-Ariz., Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., to mention but a few, are more than willing to place our security and the lives of individuals at risk in order to cater to their true masters.

And the courts are only too willing to aid and abet them. Consider the Liberian immigrant, Mahamu Kanneh, who though charged with nine counts of rape, sex abuse, child abuse against a seven-year old and an 18-month old, had all charges dropped when the judge determined pretrial delays in finding a translator violated his right to a speedy trial. Even though he had graduated from high school in Maryland and attended at least three years of community college – the judge felt he was not proficient enough in English to fully understand the nature of the charges against him.

Where is the congressional outrage in support of that seven-year old and that 18-month old? Where is the outrage for the execution style murders, critical wounding, and possible sexual assault of four innocent college youths in Newark, New Jersey? Where are the protests by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for Terrance Aeriel, Iofemei Hightower, Dashon Harvey, and Natasha Aeriel?

The inhumane violence against these innocent youths is just the latest in the escalating crime wave perpetrated by illegals. I demand to know why Jackson, Sharpton, and all those who were so appalled by the words of Don Imus are not leading demonstrations and demanding that the illegals charged in this crime be dealt with swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law? Weren’t these college students black enough for them? Or is it that they weren’t thuggish enough for them? I demand to know why the mainstream media saw fit to omit the fact that the accused were illegals.

A General Accountability Office report, published in 2005, revealed that illegals make up 27 percent of the nation’s prison population. That is a stark reminder of what we face when one considers that illegals comprise four percent of the general population, if we set their total number at 12 million. (InFoWars.com; Illegal Alien Crime Statistics; 7/27/07)

InFoWars.com notes: “Since illegal aliens are unlikely to be committing white-collar crimes, that figure likely underestimates the amount of violent crime committed by illegal aliens.” Using said report, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, pointed out that 25 Americans are killed by illegals every day (about evenly split between motor vehicle accidents and outright murder). That’s more than 9,000 murdered a year, or about 36,000 in the past four years. That is roughly 10 times more than the total number of Americans killed in Iraq.

Yet, liberal Democrats and Republicans argue that the death toll in Iraq is too high to continue defending our country there, while trying to pass legislation granting amnesty to law-breaking illegals. Obviously they view illegal aliens that are breaking our laws, potentially undermining elections, bleeding the middle-class dry, raping and murdering as just the model citizenry we need more of.

Let one white policeman shoot a black thug and we see nonstop Jackson-Sharpton, yet in the wake of innocent, clean living black students (who they claim to represent), brutally assaulted and murdered, by animalistic, illegal aliens their silence is deafening.

It is time that we the voters, wake up and demand retribution from those who continue to place us at risk because it is financially and professionally expedient for them to do so.

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