The big story in Iowa is that while Gov. Mitt Romney, (who supported abortion as a “health benefit” even after his supposed pro-life “conversion”) spent an estimated $1,000 per vote to get 4,516 votes, Gov. Mike Huckabee came in second by spending a mere $57.98 per vote. And if you add Huckabee and third-placed Sen. Sam Brownback’s votes together, at about $200/vote, you get 4,779 votes – more than Romney’s at 20 percent of the cost. What does this tell us about the price of unity?

The price of Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback’s combined cost per vote – their totals outnumbering Romney’s: $200.

The cost of conservatives working together…priceless.

Now going one step further, and adding the votes of conservatives who placed second, third, fourth, and fifth and you get: 8,045 – nearly twice the total of Romney’s high priced votes. This is the rundown of 14,302 ballots reported by Fox:

  1. Mitt Romney, 4,516 for 31.6 percent

  2. Mike Huckabee, 2,587 for 18.1 percent

  3. Sam Brownback, 2,192 for 15.3 percent

  4. Tom Tancredo, 1,961 for 13.7 percent

  5. Ron Paul, 1,305 for 9.1 percent

  6. Tommy Thompson, 1,039 for 7.3 percent

  7. Fred Thompson, 203 for 1.4 percent

  8. Rudy Giuliani, 183 for 1.2 percent

  9. Duncan Hunter, 174 for 1.2 percent

  10. John McCain, 101 for .7 percent

  11. John Cox, 41 for .2 percent

That’s great news for the real pro-family conservatives. If we just unite our votes, we can actually get a reliable candidate who will represent our values as well as their own Republican platform.

Meanwhile, the Democrats pandered to the fringe last week, parading their support for a radical homosexual agenda with pride. The more they do that, the more votes they lose.

CNN reports that “just 3 percent of voters” in the 2006 election identified themselves as “gay or lesbian.” Meanwhile, 36 percent of Bush’s ballots were cast from “Values Voters” who support issues such as the right to life and traditional marriage.

But when Hillary tells the homosexual activists: “I will be a president who fights for you!” at the same time, she’s telling families: “I will be a president who fights against you!”

In the debate, all of the Democratic candidates pledged their support to “The Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (ENDA) legislation which would target private business owners who want to set their own policies and dress codes and may want to fire a man for coming to work in a dress. Similar legislation in California will land you a $150,000 fine for the same actions. Know any small businesses that can afford being discriminated against like that?

Then John Edwards, the Democratic Party’s last vice-presidential nominee, offered an apology for a previous statement that his religious faith was at the heart of his opposition to same-sex marriage. I suppose now all Christians, Jews and Muslims are supposed to follow suit and apologize for their religious faith that opposes same-sex marriage as well? Great move toward winning the hearts of American voters, John! That should rank you right up there with Dennis Kucinich, who couldn’t win if he ran again for Mayor of Cleveland.

Even Hillary and B. Hussein can read the polls like the CNN/ Opinion Research Corp. poll released Thursday which found that a majority of Americans – 57 percent – oppose same-sex marriage. Forty-three percent oppose both same-sex marriage and civil unions. All of the 2008 Democratic candidates are on record as supporting civil unions – which encapsulate “all the benefits of marriage without the name.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch, their parade of homosexual extremism will hurt them in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida – three critical states. Historically, presidential candidates needed to win at least two of these three states to win the presidency.

Peter Brown, assistant director of Connecticut University’s polling, told the “Dispatch:” “In Ohio, a gay endorsement appears to cost a candidate more votes than it gets.” No kidding. From the Quinnipiac University Poll:

“But among the roughly 40 percent who say it might have an impact on their decision, support of a gay rights group, depending on the state, turns off from two to almost four times as many voters as it attracts. On a net basis it makes more independents less likely to vote for such a candidate.”

The poll revealed that even Democrats are “more likely to vote against gay-backed candidates” by a two to one margin. And being backed by a pro-abortion group is also the kiss of death – literally: “Backing by abortion-rights … was deemed a negative by many Ohio respondents;” and “an endorsement by … conservative Christian groups was a plus.” What do you know?

A Newsweek poll showed that 51 percent of voters don’t know where Rudy Giuliani stands on abortion, and 12 percent mistakenly think he’s pro-life! Seventy percent don’t know where Giuliani stands on same-sex “marriage,” while eight percent mistakenly think he supports a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Just what do you suppose will happen when people find out how pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agenda Rudy Giuliani is? According to the same poll, he’s in for a 40 percent drop on abortion. And another 36 percent nosedive on marriage.

There’s another debate, unlike the one attended by the Democrats, where the winner will actually gain votes. A lot of votes. It’s the Values Voter Debate on Sept. 17 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Judging from what happened in Iowa, the candidate who can unite these voters behind them, will win the nomination – no matter how much money is spent.

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