Bernard Goldberg’s latest book, “Crazies to the Left of me, Wimps to the Right,” ultimately lacks the courage to say what needs to be said: Liberals are traitors.

Goldberg’s basic thesis is that liberals have abandoned the core principles of men such as FDR and JFK, while the Republicans have lost their courage.

His assessment of Republicans is spot on.

Republicans are wimps. At least some of them are.

But on the other salient point he is wrong – fundamentally wrong. Liberals aren’t just “loony” or “stupid.” These are all adjectives he uses to describe the principal players in mainstream liberalism. And neither is liberalism just “becoming increasingly irrelevant,” as he asserts. I wish Goldberg were right about that. I wish liberalism were irrelevant – if that were true, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about what 2008 might have in store.

But liberalism’s problem is much more systemic then Goldberg lets on, and his book lacks the courage to state what his evidence uncovers.

Liberals are traitors – at least the self-conscious ones are. And it is not because they hate Bush or disagree with the Iraq war. Their treason stems from their behavior – from the way they go around telling everyone that they hate Bush and disagree with the war – even to the extent that they sympathize with and give material aid to the enemy.

Like Goldberg, I use to think that liberals are just saying these “stupid” and “loony” things because they like defending the “underdog” – after all, that’s what liberals are supposed to do.

The only problem is the context doesn’t fit the bill. Terrorist aren’t underdogs. They are enemies.

Goldberg should know all of this by now. After all, he left the liberal establishment back in 2000 because he said he was sick of the duplicity.

So why won’t he just say it again?

Consider some of the examples he uses:

Andy Rooney, the senior resident liberal at “60 Minutes,” got on his prime-time TV spot to blame not the terrorists, but America for the 9/11 attacks.

Is this lunacy, as Goldberg says, or is it treason?

Katha Pollitt, whose work appears in many left-of-center publications, said shortly after 9/11 that her daughter thought they should fly an American flag out their window. “Definitely not”, opined Pollitt. “I say: The flag stands for jingoism and vengeance and war.”


Sure. But it is a little more than that.

Actor Harry Belafonte told the world that Bush is at fault because he represents the last two to three decades of “failed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East” making America “the greatest terrorist” in the history of the world, and Bush the head of a “terrorist regime.”

Again, just a famous lunatic?


But what about material aid?

The “esteemed” New York Times published sensitive government information aimed at foiling terrorist plots – naturally, the entire world got to see those sensitive documents. Including the terrorists.

Do I really need to state the obvious?

Goldberg argues that these kinds of shenanigans will make the liberal movement irrelevant in the years ahead. He also repeatedly chalks the rhetoric and behavior up to bouts of “derangement” and flights of “stupidity” and “lunacy.”

But that is far too cavalier an assessment.

Consider the impact on the American psyche.

According to a poll by the Scripps Survey Research Center, more than a third of Americans think the U.S. government “assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” Sixteen percent believe the Twin Towers came down because Bush ordered it, and nearly as many believe that terrorists have legitimate grievances against the U.S.

In a bygone era, the kind of smug, sanctimonious treachery that has been on the lips of leading liberals since 9/11 would never have been tolerated by decent Americans. Never in a million years!

But today, with so much of the mainstream media aping the same thoughtless sedition, many casual media consumers are embracing the philosophy of surrender.

Ironically, the sole non-wimpy conservative to get a stiff talking-to by Goldberg is the heroine Ann Coulter. Coulter is apparently guilty of excessive rhetoric because she went after the 9/11 widows. Yet the way I remember it, Coulter is about the only major conservative who has consistently called liberals what they are: “gutless traitors.”

That’s why Goldberg’s book misses the mark. Liberals aren’t simply “crazy” or “stupid” or “loony.” That analysis is just too juvenile. Liberal perfidy is deliberate, and it is dangerous.

It is one thing to disagree with the policies of one’s government. After all, no democracy can be a democracy without the balance of a loyal opposition. However, when the rhetoric and behavior of that opposition is no longer in keeping with the principles of loyalty – when it turns to sympathy and material aid for the enemy and strident and arrogant criticism of your own government – then that opposition has turned to treason.

This is what self-conscious liberals are doing in the name of their civil rights. They have become traitors to the cause of freedom and democracy, and unless something is done about it, it won’t be the enemy abroad that will be our undoing. It will be the traitors from within.

And Goldberg’s failure to acknowledge that makes him, in fact, the ultimate wimp.

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