The poor ye always have with you …

~ Jesus Christ

Where would most politicians be today without the ubiquitous poor? “Oh Madame Poor, how so many craven pols, shyster lawyers, activist judges, cloistered, out of touch academics, Hollywood hacks, union thugs, bumbling bureaucrats have gotten rich in thy name?” “Oh Madame Poor, how many government programs have been created in thy name?” – A Square Deal (Theodore Roosevelt), A New Deal (FDR), War on Poverty (LBJ), New Markets Initiative (Bill Clinton), Compassionate Conservatism and No Child Left Behind (George W. Bush), yet the poor are still in thy midst, … I praise the poor.

Despite the ineffectiveness of poverty programs to eradicate poverty, poverty and despair has only increased exponentially as more and more poverty programs are added somewhere throughout the world almost daily, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars in direct and ancillary costs.

For example, former President Bill Clinton launched a poverty program in Malawi, Africa, in 2006 called Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative. I’m sure the millions Bill Clinton will raise for this effort will be money as well spent as the trillions spent on Africa since the end of colonial rule, but I am skeptical.

If Clinton really cared about saving the lives of Africans, he’d do what Sam Zaramba, head of health services in Uganda, did. He wrote in a recent op-ed: GIVE US DDT! Yes, that same “dangerous” chemical liberals banned 40 years ago due to the popularity of environmentalism patron saint Rachel Carson and her blockbuster book of 1962, “Silent Spring” – a book that led to the worldwide banning of DDT. Since that liberal policy of “helping the poor,” tens of millions of Africans have needlessly perished due to the scourge of malaria, which at 350 million presently infected in Africa alone is much more of a plague than even HIV/AIDS (40 million infected). … I praise the poor.

Even economists have gotten into the “poor people hustle.” On June 9, 2006, a stellar list of more than 500 signatories, including five Nobel laureates – Thomas C. Schelling (University of Maryland), Robert Lucas (University of Chicago), Daniel McFadden (University of California, Berkeley), Vernon Smith (George Mason University) and James Heckman (University of Chicago), signed an Open Letter on Immigration “reminding President Bush and all members of Congress of America’s history as an immigrant nation, the overall economic and social benefits of immigration and the power of immigration to lift the poor out of poverty.” Amazing! Now immigration is a poverty program? … I praise the poor.

In March, Democrat presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards announced his candidacy in the bowels of New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated that area so utterly. In the midst of a devastated land, with broom in hand, hair perfectly coiffed, his fingernails without a crumb of dirt on them, Mayor Nagin and grateful black people as a back drop and cameras rolling, Edwards made his long-awaited announcement to run for president a second time. Certainly it cannot be doubted that Sen. Edwards cares for the poor … can it? After all, Mayor “School Bus” Nagin and the people that appeared with Edwards for his announcement seemed to think he was for the poor. (“He swept our streets, didn’t he? That’s more than what Bush did who just flew over Louisiana in a helicopter, right?”)

Sen. John Edwards’ 28,200 square feet home, Orange County’s most expensive.

But I saw your new house from afar, Sen. Edwards; from a helicopter’s view. Your new 28,200 square foot mansion that cost $6 million was certainly not in Hurricane Katrina country, not in Harlem, not in Watts, not in Detroit … but deep, deep, deep in the woods of North Carolina, just outside of Chapel Hill, far, far, far away from any of those blacks who swept the streets of New Orleans with you – and even further away from any poor person. I saw your palatial home that you clear cut acres and acres and acres of pristine woodland to build. Why? Because you love the environment, so … I praise the poor.

I have seen this movie before, dear reader. It is “Ground Hog Day” all over again. Now enters the next champion of the poor, the white liberals’ guilt candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, with that JFK persona, powerful dynamism and Madison Avenue good looks; surely this man will deliver the poor from their poverty … won’t he? But I saw you last year, Sen. Obama, with your political fundraiser friend Rezko Blagojevich, sipping martinis on the newly manicured lawn of your recently purchased $1.5 million mansion. I understand, Senator, that you got that lovely house (and the land next door) for a sweet price as a political bribe from your now ex-friend Mr. Blagojevich. (You must understand, dear reader, that in the game of politics and war, a “friend” only lasts until one is indicted.) … I praise the poor.

And what of Lady Macbeth herself, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton? Surely, she cares for the poor, the underclass and the disenfranchised? Wasn’t her husband “the first black president”? During her years as first lady (1993-2001), she loved the poor so much that the first thing she tried to do was give away hundreds of billions of America’s tax money to fund her “free” health care program, but the evil Republicans, lead by Rep. Newt Gingrich, scuttled her plans, and now she is back 14 years later as a the leading presidential candidate promising “universal health care for the poor” if elected. She said, “We may not be tan and rested, but we’re ready!” The question isn’t are you ready Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama, Sen. Edwards and the other ambitious men running for president. The question is: Is America ready for you?

And that’s why I praise the poor.

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