Faith2Action President Janet Folger presents Mayor James Naugle with the “Protector of the Family Award.”

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle doesn’t want his city be known as the AIDS capital of the nation, so he took a stand. Citing the Broward Department of Health statistics: “74 percent of new AIDS cases” in the city are in the “MSM” category – that’s “men having sex with men.” An estimated 500 men will become HIV positive this year in Fort Lauderdale alone, so Mayor Naugle spoke out against the illegal behavior that spreads it: Anonymous public sex. Now he’s called a hater.

Yes, Mayor Naugle is a hater: He hates AIDS. The most loving thing you can do for people is to stand against the activity that spreads a deadly disease. The Broward Public Health Department reports that Broward leads the nation in the number of new AIDS cases, and now one in five men who have sex with other men is HIV positive. Care about a homosexual? Tell them that.

But there’s a move to keep that vital information quiet. See what they’re doing to Mayor Naugle by viewing the ad posted on the Faith2Action website.

Dr. John Diggs, of the Massachusetts Physicians Resource Council, and an expert in sexually transmitted diseases, took a bold stand, too. At a press conference with the mayor that I attended last week, Diggs went beyond standing with the mayor for public safety, he also stood for my personal safety.

You wouldn’t know it from the Sun Sentinel’s headlines that called us homosexual “bashers,” but as you can see by their own video: “Mayor Naugle’s latest press conference turns heated,” I was the one being shouted down by a homosexual activist with AIDS, who, spitting as he screamed, tried to silence me. Thank you Dr. Diggs for standing between us as he approached the podium where I was standing. Hear Dr. Diggs and other speakers at the press conference on my latest radio program with the mayor.

The media rewarded this hostile behavior, of course, by ignoring my comments and Dr. Diggs’ research and surrounding the AIDS activist whose stand against the mayor and enforcement of the law only invites new AIDS cases into the city.

The good news? The mayor informed me today that: “We are making additional arrests in our parks including one person who admitted to the media that he found out about the park from a homosexual website.”

He also informed me that the county’s main homosexual weekly is calling on folks to avoid sex in parks and public places. Unfortunately, they are suggesting that homosexuals visit the sex clubs and bathhouses instead. Yes, bathhouses are making a comeback. In the 1980s, San Francisco’s Public Health Director ordered 14 bathhouses to close immediately, saying they were ”fostering disease and death” by allowing indiscriminate sexual contacts that could spread AIDS. Bigot.

While the Sun Sentinel calls for Naugle’s resignation and the Miami Herald calls him a “hate-monger” – ringing their hands about the loss of tourism dollars, County Commissioner Stacy Ritter has scheduled a vote today to remove Mayor Naugle as a member of the Broward Tourist Development Council. Why? It seems the Tourist Development Council is more concerned about homosexual tourist dollars than protecting homosexual people. Mayor Naugle is more concerned with the cost of lives, not to mention “the loss of tourism from those 80 percent who do not support sex in public bathrooms and feel pornography should not be in public libraries.”

The cost? Beyond the lives of 500 Ft. Lauderdale residents each year who will likely contract this terminal disease, let’s take a look at cost, shall we?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we spend more money each year on AIDS than cancer, heart disease and stroke victims combined – actually it’s about 10 times more per person than the other three of our deadliest diseases put together! The cost in lives and dollars is too high to sit back and do nothing.

The mayor’s bold stand for lives and the law is making a difference: The convention and visitors bureau has now said they will delete “bathhouses” from the 2008 rainbow vacation planner. More good news: Similar efforts are being attempted in North Carolina and Michigan as a result of Naugle’s efforts.

And still more good news: Mayor Naugle, a Democrat, will be there to welcome the Republican candidates at the Values Voter Presidential Debate, Sept. 17 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Key leaders including Phyllis Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum; Don Wildmon chairman of the American Family Association; Paul Weyrich, president of the Free Congress Foundation; Judge Roy Moore, chairman of the Foundation for Moral Law; Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America; and Matt Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel; Star Parker, president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education; Bobby Schindler, of Terri’s Fight; Phillip Jauregui of the Judicial Action Group; and ex-homosexual Stephen Bennet of Stephen Bennet Ministries, will be joined by 30 of the nation’s most influential groups asking the questions of the presidential candidates that matter most to the Values Voters – the largest voting block in America.

The majority of the Republican candidates have confirmed their attendance at the debate which will be broadcast live on Sky Angel, streamed live pro-family websites including: Values Voter Debate and American Family Association, and heard live on the VCY and AFA radio networks. It will also be televised Saturday night, Sept. 22 on the INSP Network and aired on the DayStar Television Network and seen around the world on God TV.

Mayor Naugle will welcome attendees and introduce the Boy Scouts (who he also fought for) to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Make plans to watch, you’re not going to want to miss it: Monday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

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