No longer can I remain silent about the Year of the Fire Pig!

Once every 60 years, the Year of the Fire Pig shows up on the Chinese lunar calendar. Supposedly, if you’re receptive to this line of thinking, such an unusual year brings greater opportunities for personal growth, expansion and prosperity, as well as various complex global consequences.

Admittedly, I wasn’t paying much attention to 2007 as the Year of the Fire Pig, until I was grabbed by a spate of recent headlines jibing with predictions made last January. What further intrigues me is the deeper political significance to many of these alleged portents.

Shortly before the Year of the Fire Pig started this past February 18, the Drudge Report actually ran an AFP story headlined “Year of Pig signals conflicts before New World Order: Soothsayers,” which began:

    The world can expect a roller-coaster ride of conflict and unrest, natural disasters and a plunge in global stock markets once the Year of the Pig begins, Chinese soothsayers say.


Yes, right around that same time last winter,
Feng Shui Master Gayle Atherton of Australia warned, er, cautioned what the Year of the Fire Pig might actually bring:

    Situations flare up quickly and propel out of control. … Powerful, uncontrollable effects, [followed by] transformation. … The water element denotes clandestine affairs, ‘behind the scenes,’ danger. It can indicate physical floods and large-scale water problems – potential for extensive damage and destruction. Fire Pig has harmonious elements, but harmony is lost when situations are out of control. Fire Pig years have been fraught with incidents: Wars, political takeovers, enormous unrest.

Flooding, other natural disasters, global stock market plunge, clandestine affairs, danger, unrest. Hey, connect the dots.

Given what currently masquerades as government leadership of the USA, similar predictions by Chinese soothsayers sure make sense. And no, I’m not talking about the simple and entertaining Chinese restaurant astrological placemats describing the 12 animal signs of their ancient zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.

Some Eastern philosophies believe events are dictated by different balances in what they consider the five basic elements of the universe – air, earth, fire, water, wood. Certainly, many folks may dismiss such beliefs as mere superstitions, but I am not among them.

Why am I predisposed to accept this stuff as wisdom? For nearly two decades, rather than availing myself of allopathic Western medicine, I’ve been successfully treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners using acupuncture and customary herbs to improve my health. It works!

Meanwhile, when was the last time you recall Chicago being flooded? The other day, an Illinois friend, “Carlene the cartoonist,” not her real name, e-mailed me:

Wow, did we get violent storms charging through here today. Our disaster alarm went off in Wheeling for a short time. There were 50 mph winds here and in some parts 80 mph – about the strength of a class-one hurricane. Places had wind/rain damage. The storm was short and powerful. Funnel clouds had been spotted in suburbs surrounding our area. Another line of T-storms are due very soon. I hear the thunder now. Yeeesh.

Well, the last of the storms that was due to hit today, or by tonight, seems to have dissipated. The water has crept up to our courtyard but is not deep enough to reach any doorsteps or garages so we’re going to be OK. I’m parking in a dry zone in the complex so that my car will not be barricaded. I think the highways have been opened up. The major highway to downtown from the northern suburbs was closed off yesterday due to flooding.

I remember someone making a prediction for 2007 on my favorite late night radio program and said the Midwest would get hit hard this year. They were right. I sat in my living room looking out at 70 mph winds. Not right around where I live but in other suburbs and in the city, big trees were uprooted. Fortunately there were no fatalities. The Des Plaines River, two-and-a-half miles from me, will be cresting, but I think this will all work out around here. Now I just hope my travel to [work] will not be impeded.

Whew! Look, why not unmask pigs as the intelligent animals they really are? The Fire Pig has spoken!

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