There is good news! It is now illegal for a “gay” man to solicit another “gay” man in public! Sen. Larry Craig, was tapping his foot in a public bathroom stall to, allegedly, signal gay intentions to a man in the next. He was arrested by an officer investigating lewd conduct.

Just after the arrest, Craig pled “guilty to “lewd conduct” and paid a fine. He’s subsequently denied any guilt since this all came to light.

Let’s see: A president can “rape” a woman, (according to Anita Broderick), solicit hundreds of government employees, even ruin their lives with threats – but that’s not lewd?

The good news is that half of San Francisco can be arrested for making “lewd” initiations in public, fined, booked and sent to jail, since most of their conduct is done in public rest rooms, bath houses and vacations to Disneyworld, where they can hold each other’s cute little buns, on “Come on and hold your other’s cute little bun day.” Think of the tax revenue they will collect!

Arnold will have the state of California green in no time.

How one of Idaho’s nearest neighbors, California, and its governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, are going to deal with this news is hard to say. When Arnold was running for governor, he said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman.

That was before the Democrats took over Congress. Now, he supports changing all the laws, going once again against the voter’s wishes (Proposition 22) and supporting “gay” marriages by just getting rid of the word “marriage” once and for all. From now on, the new laws, if passed, will give everyone who wants to make their union legal permission to enter a “domestic partners” state contract.

Just change the words. It works every progressive time.

We all know that Democrats support gays, believe they should have marriage rights and go around kissing and hugging their partners in front of all the families trying to raise heterosexual children. This is why Barney Frank, even after running a gay prostitution ring in his home, is still in the Congress. Barney made sure he took his own partners to the public houses.

So, why aren’t Democrats coming out of the woodwork to defend Larry Craig? Sure, Craig denies allegations of homosexuality, but come on, shouldn’t the Democrats err on the side of caution? After all, they believe that all gays are normal – and it’s certainly not lewd to teach gay normality in our public schools. It’s not lewd to have them kiss on our televisions, even if it grosses out most every heterosexual in the nation.

We now have gay sitcoms on TV, where gay sex is talked about, and gay solicitations are talked about constantly on national public television and radio – very public places I might add.

So, all I can do is ask, if you’ll pardon the expression, where’s the beef?

How in the world are the gays suppose to find mates if they can’t do it in public?

Newspaper ads and websites aside, gays, like heterosexuals, have to go somewhere to meet their “mates.” And it’s usually in public, right? That’s where many heterosexuals meet. So shouldn’t they have same rights as “straight” people? Isn’t that what they have been complaining about?

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., offers an answer: “The Republicans think homosexuality is a crime.” Therefore, Frank – even though he is gay – believes if you are a Republican, you are a hypocrite. So, if you are a Republican senator, you should lose your job, because it’s your base’s right to know you’re being a hypocrite.

Really though, we all know what this is about. The Clintons made sex scandals one of the most powerful weapons in their war arsenal. The fight for power is going to get really nasty, as it has in the past.

The Clintons will have Larry Flynt and all the “undercover” sheriffs they can find out looking. Any sex scandal is a good one.

And yet, no one will ever question why a woman, whose husband has had one sexual affair after another throughout their whole marriage, never got divorced.

Was it power? Was it money? Or could it be, like many have suggested – Hillary just can’t solicit in public.

As for Larry Craig, where is the outrage from the gay lobby? If he’s in fact not gay, shouldn’t he still be a poster boy for homosexual oppression? And if he is gay, will he only be defended by the gay lobby if he switches parties?

Joyanna Adams is a writer and musician residing in Missouri.

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