We’ve been had.

In fact, the American people got the shaft last Friday evening. Twice, in fact, and it came from San Francisco’s liberal federal courts. There were two decisions favoring illegal aliens, big business, border destruction and sympathetic politicians on both sides of the aisle.

One allows Mexican trucks free travel across our border and throughout our country. The second stops the Departments of Homeland Security and Social Security from sending notice letters to employers to check on employee legality.

The rulings favor open borders and illegal “rights” – a misnomer, if ever there was one.

The first decision opens our southern border to Mexican trucks hauling all kinds of cargo anywhere in the country.

It was to begin Saturday, Labor Day weekend – an insulting time for a project, which will effectively wipe out small trucking businesses and severely harm larger ones.

It’s been changed to Thursday, Sept. 6.

Mexican trucks are currently limited to 20 miles into our country. Now, due to this ruling by the notoriously liberal and illegal-sympathetic 9th circuit Court of Appeals, the administration can proceed with its “demonstration” project, opening the U.S. to uncounted thousands of Mexican commercial trucks.

I’ve got problems with this.

We’ve been told that only 100 carriers will be involved. The intended deception worked. Most people and media thought that meant 100 trucks.

No. It means 100 trucking companies. We don’t know how many actual vehicles.

We’re told they’re Mexican companies but not told who owns those companies. They could be foreign owned but licensed to operate in Mexico.

This information isn’t available to the media or the public. Yet we’re most affected by this plan, which we’re told is required under NAFTA.

So, beginning Thursday, Mexican trucks will cross the border and travel anywhere in the country, carrying who knows what. What inspections are there? By whom? What terrorism safeguards?

Who knows?

We’re “assured” the trucks will meet safety/emission standards, that drivers will have thorough background checks, be fully qualified, insured and licensed.

Let’s see: Mexico doesn’t have a nationwide criminal database so how can we know these drivers have no records? We can’t.

Remember the Mexican drug-runner involved in the Ramos/Compean Border Patrol incident? He is a legally licensed, Mexican commercial truck driver.

We’re told testing for drugs and alcohol will be done by U.S. companies, but we’re not told the samples will be sent from Mexico to the U.S. for those tests.

Is there proof they’re from the person whose name is on the sample?


We’re told drivers will have a basic understanding of written and spoken English. The government says – with a straight face – that officials have increased enforcement of a law that’s been on the books since the 1970’s requiring such language skills of truck drivers.

Let’s see, we can’t seem to teach English to illegals in our K-12 classrooms, how will they teach language skills (to say nothing of driving laws) to thousands of Mexican drivers who live south of the border?

Unless we have English language/driving instruction schools in Mexico, this administration assurance is a farce.

I’ve had beefs with the Teamsters and the Sierra Club over the years – but this time, God bless ’em, they’re right. Along with Public Citizen, they took their opposition to the truck plan to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week to stop the Bush administration.

The court ruled late Friday, exactly as I’d predicted, against the American people and for the administration and Mexico.

The second slap in America’s face also came Friday, this from U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney – a Clinton appointee.

She ruled in favor of the AFL-CIO and the ACLU, which had sued to stop Homeland Security from authorizing checks of employee legality and to stop Social Security from sending letters to employers to check worker identities. Mailings were to begin Tuesday.

Her ruling is a nationwide, temporary injunction until another judge decides if it should be permanent until a full trial. Chesney, a graduate of Cal Berkeley’s law school, questioned if a crackdown on illegals was “authorized by law.”

Homeland Security plans to fight the ruling.

I heard ABC radio network news as I worked in my office Friday evening. It ignored the truck story. The social security issue was mentioned once, in one sentence.

Media are in cahoots with the pervasive liberal sympathies for illegals. By ignoring issues – voila, they don’t exist.

Except they do. We’re living in a nightmare of invasion and expanded terrorism threats – accomplished with the cooperation, intention and legal pressure by elected officials and judges.

For American citizens who value this country, living during the presidency of George W. Bush is like being a walking target. You get another knife in the back at every turn.

No wonder the GOP is crazed. The Bush presidency is schizophrenic

On one hand, President Bush talks a tough line on freedom and our country and persists in the war on terrorism.

But on the other, he supports illegal aliens, dismantles our borders and disintegrates national sovereignty.

His work for illegals was mostly done publicly, supporting legislation which would have accomplished the most massive amnesty ever.

But talk radio and the huge negative response from citizens put fear in political hearts – not the fear of God, but the fear of losing elections. That law died but the idea didn’t; it will be back.

Those who would sell-out this country never give up.

But neither should patriots. Remember Thomas Jefferson’s advice/warning: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

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