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Straw poll at Values Voter Presidential Debate

Sen. John McCain’s campaign called the Values Voter Presidential Debate staff over the weekend pleading with them to “Stop the calls! There are so many, we can’t conduct business or make outgoing calls!” All because one of the 30 groups participating in the Values Voter debate suggested some members make calls of encouragement to the few remaining candidates who had not yet confirmed their attendance at the Values Voter Presidential Debate September 17.

What do you know? There are a whole lot of values voters. And just like they pick up the phone to encourage candidates to attend the Values Voter Debate, they’ll pick up the phone to get out the vote.

Kenton, a college professor and Faith2Action listener, called the campaign offices and said, “I’m not going to vote for anyone who doesn’t show up to the Values Voter Presidential Debate. If you care about our votes, care about our values.” What those few remaining candidates need to realize is that there are a whole lot of people who feel exactly like that. I’m one of them.

But beyond those who’ll be watching the debate closely are those who’ll be participating in the event’s straw poll – a straw poll more important than Iowa. Different from previous straw polls, delegates for the Values Voter Straw Poll have been selected by pro-family leaders such as Phyllis Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum; Don Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association; Paul Weyrich, president of the Free Congress Foundation; Judge Roy Moore, chairman of the Foundation for Moral Law; Rabbi Aryea Spero, of the Jewish Action Alliance; Star Parker, of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, or CURE; and Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, who fought for the right of military chaplains to pray in Jesus’ name.

“Unlike other straw polls where candidates have bussed in supporters or paid for their tickets, the Values Voter Straw poll conducted at this presidential debate promises results consistent with the largest voting block in America – the Values Voter,” said Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel and member of the host committee, in a release this week. “This will be the most important straw poll yet.”

“I’m proud to be a part of this historic debate,” added Rabbi Aryeh Spero, of the Jewish Action Alliance. “The social, moral, and cultural issues are of the utmost importance for the country’s survival. And we are the group that is willing to frame this presidential contest accordingly.”

And unlike other debates, this one will be spearheaded by the alternative media! Sure, the networks will be there, but people are already ordering Sky Angel just to watch it live – and planning home (and church) parties to see it in its entirety rather than just the clips the networks choose to show. They’re calling their radio stations to cover it from the live VCY Satellite feed. And you can be sure they’ll be gathered around their computers to watch at the Values Voters Debate website, and American Family Association website (and scores of others) a week from Monday, Sept. 17, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

And as a tribute to the powerful alternative media, moderating the debate will be none other than WorldNetDaily’s founder, Joseph Farah.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been hearing complaints about the liberal media. I’ve heard about their power and undue influence. For too long the pundits have made their proclamations and people have fallen into lock step. But, not anymore.

Oh, you remember the last presidential race when CBS tried to influence the outcome with forged documents questioning President Bush’s National Guard service. Then, CBS anchor Dan Rather stated:

Flawed evidence, obvious forgeries, dead sources and agenda-driven reporters? Of course they’d stand by that.

Paul Weyrich, of the Free Congress, put it this way: “The (conveniently) deceased superior officer who supposedly signed the cover-up document … was retired at the time he supposedly wrote the documents – and, it goes without saying, retired officers don’t write or revise reports, much less on equipment which doesn’t yet exist.” I guess that’s what inspired E-Bay to feature an old type-writer in their auction for those who wanted to create “more accurate forgeries.”

The Bloggers, alternative and Christian radio, and sites like www.WorldNetDaily.com wouldn’t let Dan Rather get away with it. It’s a whole new world. Ninety percent of America isn’t watching the network news anymore. What do you know? Talk radio really is “taking over the country.”

And so, with the Values Voter Presidential debate around the corner, you have two options: Sit back and let the “mainstream” media drive the results. Or stand up, join the Values Voters and the alternative media, select a candidate who cares about our values enough to show up at the historic Values Voter Presidential Debate and take our nation back.

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