I obviously don’t have the cutthroat business drive that Planned Parenthood executives have. Actually, few do.

So, I couldn’t understand why PP was erecting its huge Aurora, Ill., abortion mill in DuPage County, which was already disgraced by four independent mills, while neighboring, baby-booming Chicago collar counties remained abortion free.

But it hit me when listening to one of 124 citizens speak against the Aurora mill during the seven-and-a-half-hour city council meeting last week.

This person told council members their accountability reached beyond Aurora, since PP would feed mothers and children to this mill from PP expresses in neighboring communities.

Of course, I realized. Master plan. My mind began defragging random newspaper clippings and dates it had stored.

The Star, Oct. 16, 2005:

    The Orland Park center is the third express location to open in the Chicago suburbs in three years. Express locations in Schaumburg and Naperville have opened in subsequent years.

    PP/CA [Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area] will continue to expand by opening one health center per year for the next six years, [president and CEO Steve] Trombley said.

Chicago Tribune, July 26, 2007:

    In the planning stages since 2002, [the Aurora clinic] is Planned Parenthood’s first full-service site in the Chicago area in 20 years and the only one to perform abortions outside of a near north side Chicago location.

All three of those PP Expresses opened between 2002 and 2005. All three are in clean-cut suburban areas where girls would be hard-pressed to drive, or catch a ride if minors, to a seedy Chicago mill. But all three are less than an hour from homogenous Aurora.

Master plan. Build satellites first. Then build the anti-mother ship. Then zap the competition to pieces, like a D&E abortion.

I knew the Aurora mill was not an isolated PP construction. With the press breathing down its neck, PP only two weeks ago admitted plans to build a mega mill in Denver, Colo., where it bought an entire city block for that purpose.

Currently the 22,000 sq. ft. Aurora mill will be PP’s largest. But it won’t hold that record long.

PP’s 23,000 sq. ft. Sarasota, Fla., mill is due to be completed in the summer of ’08. Abortion mills in Florida are almost uncountable and particularly lucrative, since they prey on illegals who not only pay cash but don’t report slip-ups.

But soon after that, at 50,000 sq. ft., the Denver mill will dwarf all. There are at least 13 independent slice-and-dicers in the Denver region where, not coincidentally, PP opened an express less than a year ago.

PP in Portland, Ore., just added to its plan to build a mill that will house its headquarters by announcing it will also build a mill in a college town southwest of the city. At least six independents eviscerate in the same vicinity, where five PP expresses are also located

Very smart. Build a contraceptive clientele with PP expresses, which can go anywhere, even malls. Ask Minneapolis. There are currently at least 42 expresses around the country.

Then funnel the anticipated failures to abort at regional PP locations, while meanwhile driving out the competition.

Planned Parenthood, the Wal-Mart of the abortion industry.

Where are the liberal monopolyphobics? Where are the unions?

Who will rescue these poor mom-and-pop chop shops from the savage Planned Parenthood abortion cartel?

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