Last week, I detailed how it appears Planned Parenthood mega mills popping up across the country are not happenstance but the culmination of a five-year plan not only to expand, but also exterminate competition.

Planned Parenthood launched the plan in 2002 by opening Planned Parenthood Expresses in target locations across the country. They now number 42. Expresses are easily established in strip or shopping malls without need to fulfill zoning or building requirements.

Expresses are abortion cullers. They sell illicit sex, sell unguaranteed methods to avoid consequences of illicit sex, sell mop-ups for their anticipated failures, and restart the process.

Expresses can handle STD mop-ups, but they can’t handle the Big A. These are handed off to specialized PP clinics that comply with zoning and building requirements.

PP is already the largest abortion provider in the U.S., but that isn’t enough. Step 2 of the five-year plan was to build more, for which expresses provided the increased market.

But pro-lifers interrupted Step 2 in 2003. They developed a new strategy. Led by concrete contractor Chris Danze, they initiated a boycott of construction workers, equipment and supplies throughout the building of a $6.2 million Planned Parenthood mill in Austin, Texas.

The boycott didn’t stop construction, but it significantly stalled it, created a lot of bad press for PP and most eye-opening, revealed pro-lifers wield great influence in local communities.

Planned Parenthood’s response was in hindsight predictable. PP determined to build its other new mills on the sly. It bought property in Denver, Colo., and Aurora, Ill., and who knows where else in secret. It got busted in Denver before ground broke, but not in Aurora.

Throughout and after purchasing land in Aurora, PP hid behind a shell corporation it created, Gemini Office Development (acronym purposeful?).

PP and Gemini lied on multiple Aurora permit documents when entering into the building phase in 2006. As recently as March 2007, Gemini wrote on a permit its tenant was “unknown at this time.”

Gemini also lied during a City Council Planning Committee in November 2006 about the intended occupant of its medical center.

In mid-July, though, a suspicious pro-life construction worker alerted his priest who alerted Pro-life Action League, and all hell broke loose.

And my, how PP’s deception has backfired. No one likes to be scammed. The Aurora community became incensed and vocal, protesting in such huge numbers and so loudly the past two months they have been seen and heard around the country.

Which brings us to today, a new day, when pro-lifers are no longer voices in the wilderness decrying PP. Suddenly, the American public is understanding that PP is not nice.

What to do? We’re on new ground here. PP is a near-billion dollar organization used to carefully plotting its course. Abruptly, it is having to shoot from the hip to salvage the $7.5 million Aurora mill, mills down the pike and its image.

Late last week, a panicked PP took aim at stock targets: Joe Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League. In a three-page letter to city officials, PP Chicago CEO Steve Trombley blamed PP’s stealth actions on them:

The activists of the Pro-Life Action League who have been opposing our new facility are headquartered in Aurora and have a well-documented history of advocating violence against both persons and property, as well as other related criminal activity.

Never mind PLAL is not headquartered in Aurora. Trombley went into great detail describing the 1986 lawsuit of which PP was a part, NOW vs. Scheidler. The problem is Scheidler and PLAL were cleared, not once, not twice, but three unprecedented times by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This past Monday, Planned Parenthood took out a full-page ad in the local Aurora newspaper with a big photo of an arsoned PP mill and the same misinformation about Scheidler and PLAL.

I was flabbergasted when seeing the ad. This is PP’s idea of a public relations campaign?

Obviously, Planned Parenthood thinks this bomb throwing will turn public opinion against those it considers ringleaders of the move to keep it out of Aurora.

But does it think this will garner sympathizers who realize they hadn’t thought of it before, but, yes, they really want a bomb target next to their neighborhood grocery store and Blockbusters Video?

The real problem is too many individuals and churches are involved in the fight against PP in Aurora, and they are taking PP’s accusations personally. Planned Parenthood castigates them when it castigates those “extremists.”

Such colossal blunders PP is making these days, throwing bombs at itself.


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