Question: Do you know why so many Americans are ready to give up a little bit more of their freedom and see a little bit less of their paycheck every week for a nationalized health care program?

Answer: Because most Americans have not yet experienced the horrors of socialized medicine first hand.

That’s why.

That’s the only reason.

But, in this global village we keep hearing about, it is getting more difficult to hide the shortcomings of what will soon become known in this country as HillaryCare.

In England, for instance, it is not at all unusual for patients to be denied needed surgery because they refuse or are unable to quit smoking.

Last week, we heard about the case of former builder John Nuttal, 57, who broke his ankle in three places two years ago. He has endured constant pain since, because doctors refuse to surgically rebuild the ankle because Nuttal can’t or won’t quit smoking.

Instead, doctors affiliated with the national health program prescribe him daily doses of morphine.

“I have begged them to operate but they won’t,” says Nuttal. “I have tried my hardest to give up smoking but I can’t. I want to warn other smokers. We have paid our national insurance stamps all our lives and now we are being shut out.”

It’s cruel. It’s barbaric. It’s ridiculous beyond words. And it is exactly what will happen here some day if we don’t wise up and recognize we are giving away our freedom every time we accept another government program to “make out lives better.”

How would you like to be Mr. Nuttal?

How would you like to live in a country where you are denied needed medical care because of bureaucratic red tape or shortages or rationing?

You might ask: What does smoking have to do with a broken ankle?

Doctors actually make the case that smoking has a very big influence on the outcome of this kind of foot surgery and that the healing process might be hindered significantly in a smoker.

So what?

Does that mean the patient must suffer in torment? What are the healing chances if surgery is not performed?

Get ready for this in the U.S. beginning in 2009 if Congress believes you voted for nationalized health care in the next election. This will be Hillary Clinton’s No. 1 issue – and probably, after Iraq, the biggest issue for those running for Congress.

What’s it going to be for you?

Do you want to live in a nanny-state where decisions about your welfare and your lifestyle are made by government bureaucrats?

Or do you want to preserve what’s left of freedom in this country – maybe even expand it as our brave ancestors did?

Time is running out.

Right now, political inertia is pushing us closer and closer toward nationalized, socialized medicine in this country. It’s not just Democrats supporting it anymore; Republicans are tripping over themselves to show how compassionate they are, too.

Let me ask you this: Do you think the way Mr. Nuttal is being treated is an example of compassion?

This is not an aberration by the way. This is the rule in places where government decides who gets medical treatment and what kind and where and when and why.

This is where we’re headed, and there is nothing even remotely compassionate about it. It represents a power grab by government. Government is supposed to be your servant, but with moves like this, it will become your master.

Decide now. The choice is clear – freedom or servitude.

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