Why is anti-Semitism so popular and pleasurable as a persistent behavior pattern all over the world? People who care about the fate of the Jews are always searching for subtle, indefinable reasons to explain the intensity of anti- Jewish hostility and hate. The simple truth is that the answer is far from mysterious.

As a matter of fact, the answer is so obvious that you’d have to brainless not to see it. Everyone knows that whatever the crime committed against any Jew, the only price you’ll pay will be the price of the ride to the crime scene and back. Instead of blaming the criminals, the Jews will get involved in an orgy of self-blame and guilt. And after blaming themselves, they’ll start blaming each other. Somebody will be screaming, “It’s your own fault! Why would you be walking in front of a Muslim mosque at 2 a.m.?” And the other one will argue, “Why would I think they would recognize that I am Jewish?” And another voice yells, “At least you could’ve been smart enough to wear sneakers!” Then somebody says, “Let’s report this to the police,” while somebody else is saying, “Are you crazy? What if they find out we reported it? Do you want to get us all killed? Right now they don’t know who we are. Let’s just get out of the neighborhood!”

It’s because anti-Semites are aware that these are the typical reactions of the Jews to any violence committed against them that they feel free to attack any Jew whenever they please. Is it any accident that all over England you hear of a stream of attacks against Jews, but you never hear any attacks against Muslims? (I know that even right now, you, the reader, are trembling in fear of what I might write about the Muslims.)

Is it any accident that British MP Clare Short in the House of Commons attacked the Jews as vicious racists when their only crime she could think of is that the Jews still exist, which she considers an offence to human decency? What right do they have to try to live in peace with the Arabs and constantly thwart every attempt of the Palestinian suicide bombers to annihilate their whole population? She claimed that the Jews practice an even more egregious form of apartheid than what existed in South Africa. Does she call it apartheid when every Israeli Arab has equal access in every school, to every job, every health care service and every unemployment benefit? Currently, they even hold office in the Israeli Parliament and every other branch of the Israeli government.

Is she so ignorant that she doesn’t know that none of these opportunities would be granted to any Jew living in an Arab nation? Besides, how would a Jew be able to achieve any of these same opportunities when in most cases, it wouldn’t even be safe for a Jew to live there? But Mrs. Short knows, as do anti-Semites all over the world, you never suffer any consequences by attacking Jews.

If anti-Semites really thought Jews could be a menace of any kind, they would cower in fear as they now do to the Muslims. When was the last time an Englishman made a hateful speech against Muslims? People are so fearful of Muslims that they’re even afraid to say hello without apologizing. English people are now begging forgiveness from Muslims for things they don’t even remembering doing. Unlike the Jews of England, who spend all their time pleading just to be accepted in this country, the Muslims spend much of the time making demands and warning the people that they better be careful to respect them, be concerned how loud they talk to them, and not to criticize them. You also dare not paint the wrong cartoon, sing the wrong song, say the wrong thing, look the wrong way, or even laugh without an explanation. The Jews will never survive if they don’t learn a great lesson from the power of the Muslims.

Isn’t it amazing that after committing so many acts of violence all over the world, not only are the Muslims not suffering for it, but actually the reverse has happened? They are the ones being treasured, respected and venerated while everyone is bowing to them in cowardly fear of the next possible attack. The Jews merely have to exist to generate ant-Semitism. Anti-Semites hated the Jews when they had nothing, and now they hate the Jews because of the claim that they have everything. No matter what the reason and even if it can’t be called a reason, it becomes reason enough to hate a Jew.

Nobody in America today would dare to attack the blacks with the same kind of fearlessness that they do to the Jews – because if they did, in 10 minutes you’d be facing marches, courtroom subpoenas, blocked streets, broken windows, millions in fines and an array of new taxes to pay for more school lunches and whole construction sites for new condominiums. White America is so desperate to pay any price to protect their safety, they now offer the blacks gifts of every kind. First they were offered welfare payments even if they were able-bodied workers, and then they were presented with food stamps for staying home. Americans then invented “affirmative action” to give blacks, among many things, the advantage of college admission with 10 points less than failing scores. White America is so guilt-ridden because of their history of discrimination against blacks, they are gladly accepting a black candidate for president whose level of experience wouldn’t even qualify him to be a second-tier lawyer in a third-rate law firm if he were white.

If this world had the same fear of the Jews that they have of the Muslims or the blacks, the attacks on the Jews would never have existed. People never feel threatened when attacking a Jew because he’s little guy with glasses carrying a brief case, and in case of an attack, he won’t pull out a gun; he’ll take out a fountain pen. He won’t be ready to shoot the attacker; he’ll be busy looking for a piece of paper to write down his name. The attacker always knows that when his victim is a Jew, he won’t get hit or hurt. The Jew won’t fight. He’ll cry, beg, scream or run. The attacker knows he can’t lose life or limb because the victim can’t fight; he’s only preparing to sue.

Now this describes the Jews outside of Israel. If the Jews in the Diaspora continue to follow this pattern of traditional helplessness, instead of behaving in accordance to the new pattern of behavior of the Israelis, who are ready to fight and survive at any price, they will be doomed to be hounded by anti-Semitism for the rest of their lives. This is how they must behave, even if it infuriates this yenta, the right honorable Mrs. Clare Short.

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