If the Aurora Planned Parenthood site in the Illinois prairie lands is ground zero, then the Denver Planned Parenthood site in the Mile High City is sky zero.

Last month, with a reporter in hot pursuit, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, or PPRM, was forced to come clean about its secret purchase of a city block of property and plans to break ground on a 50,000 square foot mega-mill this November.

PP has admitted to several news outlets it went stealth with plans to build in Denver, Aurora and Portland, Ore., to avoid such pro-life boycotts as were undertaken at the Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood mill in 2003, which delayed its opening several months.

In Denver, pro-lifers are already realizing PP’s fears. Two weeks ago, they conducted a literature drop in the African-American neighborhood of the proposed PP.

The brochure informed residents that:

  1. PP is racist (95 percent of abortion mills are located in urban areas, according to The Guttmacher Institute, research arm of PP); and

  2. PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who hung out at KKK rallies (“… I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan at Silver Lake, New Jersey. … A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” ~ “Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography,” pp. 366-367 of 1971 reprint published by Dover Publications, Inc.; 1938 original published by W.W. Norton & Company).

Friend of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains pro-abort Jim Spencer said in a Sept. 21 RH Reality Check column to never mind Margaret’s genocidal tendencies:

Whatever Sanger said about the need to control African-American births during the 1930s, the test 70 years later are actions.

Would a good test be to examine mill locations? No, said Spencer:

Among the lies anti-abortion activists like to tell is that Planned Parenthood targets minority women for abortions. That has already happened in Denver, where the location of the new clinic in a predominantly black neighborhood led to suggestions of racism.

“Suggestions”? Ha.

And now every weekend pro-lifers are picketing the home of Gary Meggison, senior vice president of the PPRM site’s general contractor, the Weitz Company.

Beginning today, Colorado Right to Life, or CORTL, plans to picket Weitz’s office, which is rented space and should also disturb its landlord and fellow tenants.

Which brings us to the latest pro-abort faux pas in a recent string. For the Weitz picket, CORTL had planned that a Truth Truck with an anti-PP sign drive around the area.

But last Saturday night during CORTL’s annual banquet, someone stole this mobile billboard off the Truth Truck in the parking lot.

The billboard stated “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies” and included a Sanger quote reading, “We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

The Rocky Mountain News reported Monday that according to a witness, “a white male grabbed the 15-foot by 7-foot banner … put it in his car and drove away from the Denver Tech Center hotel where the banquet was being held.”

Problem is that witness got the thief’s license plate number. Concluded Rocky Mountain News, “After the theft, a deputy drove several times by the home where the car was registered but no one was home, the sheriff said.”

According to Leslie Hanks, CORTL vice president, the thief has not yet been apprehended as of yesterday. But he will face felony charges, since the sign’s value is over $1,000.

It will be interesting to see who the thief is and if he is connected to PP of the Rocky Mountains.

Liberals like Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn call such pro-life tactics as protests, lit drops and outing of abortion enablers as “harassment” verging on “blackmail,” as he wrote in a column yesterday.

Joe Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League explained to Zorn:

The vivid demonstrations, [Scheidler] said, “are to let the neighbors know that if the abortion clinic goes in, it will be a center of attraction for protesters. They don’t want to see these pictures all the time out there on the street, so we hope they’ll go to the guys in charge and say ‘We don’t want those people here.'”

Blackmail, no. Harassment? It could only be considered harassment if someone were ashamed of what they do.

Otherwise, it should be considered free publicity.

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