I’ve always thought that portrayals by pro-aborts of pro-lifers as violent abortion mill stalkers must hurt their recruitment drives for abortion mill workers. One reason for the shortage of abortionists has to be that the industry has conditioned the ignorant among them, which, come to think of it, is all of them, to be fearful of us.

But this past month the “pro-lifers are violent!” accusations have been ricocheting off the abortion industry’s bulletproof glass back at it so wildly even I feel like ducking.

For those who don’t know, Planned Parenthood recently built its largest U.S. mill to date in Aurora, Ill., using stealth and deception. It created a front company, Gemini Office Development (G.O.D.), to hide behind so no one knew the $7.5 million, 22,000 square foot medical facility being built was an abortuary until it was almost completed.

But for this PP has paid a heavy price, not the least of which was finally being hoisted by its “pro-lifers are violent” petard.

How many gazillion times have we heard that line, a key talking point abortion linchpins devised decades ago to indict hundreds of millions of pro-lifers for the .0001 percent who opt for vigilante justice.

In actuality, the pro-life movement is the most peaceful social justice movement in American history. Consider that on any given day hundreds of pickets and prayer vigils are being held in front of 1,000 or so abortion mills throughout the U.S. with no incidents other than pro-aborts trying to run us over or destroy our signs.

But, hey, it’s a label I’ve never minded. So what if the other side thinks I’m liable to draw out my six-shooter if they look at me funny? I would find that power amusing if I knew the ringleaders of the movement really thought that, which they don’t.

In reality they know we’re harmless as houseflies. But we’re pesky as horseflies, which is the aggravant. Too proud to admit we’re simply annoying, they hurl the respectable charge, “violent!”

Which brings me to three observations from the Aurora spectacle.

One, Planned Parenthood’s aversion to us just provoked it to pull the biggest PR blunder in its history. PP executives thought they would outsmart us by going covert. But they didn’t anticipate getting caught with their pants down, which caused them a national scandal.

Two, to reinforce the “pro-lifers are violent” brand, PP built a fortress in Aurora with a security system worthy of Danny Ocean, complete with bulletproof windows, doors and walls, and maybe even snipers on the roof.

But in an ironic twist, this backfired. As one of PP Aurora’s new neighbors testified at a City Council meeting:

Whether the danger is real or not is really not material. PP clearly thought that the risk of gunfire was high enough that they took steps … to protect themselves against it. At the same time they apparently decided the risk of gunfire wasn’t high enough to alert their neighbors of this possibility. How very convenient. I believe this decision was not theirs to make. That decision was ours to make.

What a brilliant turn, putting PP in a Catch-22. Quickly this thought spread and began to annoy pro-aborts. Well, touch?, my enemies. Complained the PP Aurora blogger:

It is really creepy how anti-choice bloggers are fixated on the bulletproof glass in our health center. If you search Google’s blogsearch for “planned parenthood” and “bulletproof glass” there’s over 50 self-righteous blog posts accusing us of “hiding behind” this glass.

I’m shocked. The charge of cowardice is new to these people?

Three, when riled pro-lifers took to the streets and City Council meetings, they outnumbered abortion supporters by an embarrassing 1,000:1 ratio. The PP Aurora blogger finally had to address the lopsided display of support:

I have heard from friends, read your comments & blogs. Why weren’t there more pro-choice voices at recent City Council meetings? Why did supporters leave meetings early? It is my belief that the history of clinic violence keeps some silent. The fact that the anti-choice leaders picket clinic workers homes keeps us silent.

And …

Fear is a powerful tool. Even if not one more act of violence occurs outside or inside a women’s health care clinic, that fear will remain. …

The truth is it must be hard to muster excitement to sacrifice an evening or Saturday supporting sacrificing children. It’s much easier to spout clich?s back and forth on the Internet. But whatever. I’ll take credit. And if pro-lifers really do intimidate pro-aborts, great.

Boo. Stay home.

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