After reading the article about the Whistleblower issue on atheism, I felt inclined to write to tell you that not all atheists are “anti-theists.”

I am an atheist and have been one for a loooong time. I was an atheist long before it became “hip” to be one. I hope that I am, nevertheless, a moral man – due in part to my early exposure to things like the Ten Commandments and due in part to being raised in a primarily Judeo-Christian society.

What disturbs me most about today’s America is the absolute hostility to religion – specifically Judaism and Christianity. I am not the type of atheist who feels the need to denigrate another man’s religion, or who feels the need to try to “prove” that God does not exist. These people are not simply atheist, they are “anti-theists,” and I hate those people.

My atheism does not extend to this type of thinking. I am an atheist because I do not believe that there is a sentient supreme being – that’s all. I recognize the value of (most) religions. In the individual, it provides the great benefit of faith. In a society, religion is absolutely essential to provide a common foundation of ethics, morality, decency and LAW (regardless of Sandra Day O’Connor’s asinine position). I have never, until recently, had any problem with another man’s religious beliefs. (The recent exception is Islam.)

Recently I have noticed a tie between what the book of Revelation calls the Great Apostasy and the rise of communism in this nation. (I never call it socialism, because the goal is communism)

Thinking of Hillary Clinton’s Communist Health Care proposal, I become flabbergasted that so many cannot see it for what it is: “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” One does not need an advanced lecture in economics to understand the flaw in this thinking; but it occurred to me that even a common-sense aphorism like “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” is unknown or not understood by so many in this country exactly because they refuse any type of exposure to anything with even the “flavor” of Judeo-Christian ethics. In fact, they usually oppose any and all morality and decency.

I just wanted to let you know that, at least in my case, atheism does not go hand in hand with hatred of religion. It does not go hand and hand with immorality. And, it does not go hand in hand with the insanity so prevalent among leftists in America.

I also wanted to say that, despite my atheism, I am as disturbed and frightened by the rampant spread of this “anti-theism” or “New Atheism” as most religious people are. To me it is more than just a sign of a lack of faith in God – as this would not disturb me – it is a lack of morality, ethical behavior, rational thought and, generally, saneness.

There is a line of thinking among many atheists (not myself) that religion is a “crutch” for silly or weak-minded individuals. I do not share that belief; but, for argument’s sake, let’s pretend for a moment that it is true that religion is a “crutch” for weak individuals. The type of “atheist” your Whistleblower describes are basically just wicked people who like to stand outside hospitals and kick the crutches out from under the injured. By their own argument and admission, they enjoy toppling the handicapped out of their wheelchair simply to make themselves feel superior to others. How sick is that?

Thank You.

David Fuhs

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