This week was a particularly bad week for Christianity in North America.

The pantywaist pushovers were out in droves, issuing apologies for stuff they had no business apologizing for and generally retreating from the culture war.

The first example of gutlessness came from the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco. Last Sunday, Archbishop George Niederauer was celebrating mass at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer. Communicant members were lining up to participate. In walked two guys dressed in nun’s habits. Turns out they were members of the militant group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” – a gay activist group whose motto is: “Go forth and sin some more.”

Pious onlookers stood by helplessly as the men stood in line. They even gave each other a mock kiss before receiving communion from the archbishop.

The intrusion was so egregious that a city prosecutor in San Francisco – a city not exactly known to sympathize with Christianity – indicated that he’d be willing to press charges. But the archbishop has declined to press charges. In fact, not only has he refused the assistance, he hasn’t even issued a condemnation of the outrage.

Instead, the archbishop issued an apology.

That’s right.

He has apologized to his flock because he claims that he didn’t realize who the men were, although from the online video it’s hard to see how he could have mistaken them for anything but militants.

The second incident this week involves Ann Coulter and the legion of gutless “conservative” commentators who have been bravely echoing liberal condemnation of her.

If you haven’t heard, Ann Coulter was on a TV talk show last week, and the host asked her what her ideal country would be like. Among other things, Coulter said it would be populated by Christians. When the host asked her about the inclusion of Jewish Americans, Coulter said, they should become “perfected” by becoming Christians.

Barbara Simpson, WorldNetDaily’s “Babe in the Bunker” columnist, responded by saying that Coulter’s comment made her worse than a liberal. She writes, “With friends like her, who needs enemies?”

Why did Simpson accost Coulter? Because Ann believes that Jews can only get to heaven if they believe that “Christ died for our sins.” In other words, Coulter believes in basic Christianity.

Says Simpson, “For all her education and media experience, Ann Coulter shows herself to be a narrow-minded, holier-than-thou Christian of the worst sort.”

Apparently, it is no longer acceptable to certain “conservatives” to publicly express belief in the correctness of one’s faith. Because, according to Simpson, this notion gives “all reasoned, educated Christians and Catholics a bad name.”

But in my estimation the worst example of spinelessness this week was an apology the “Youth for Christ” group issued to a Willmar, Minn., school.

YFC had been asked to provide a speaker for a high school assembly. The speaker turned out to be Tina Marie, an author, actress and – get this – a Christian. Among other things, Marie told the students that almost “half of your generation” has been lost to abortion. She also shared that most music, movies, TV and teen magazines tell today’s youths lies about promiscuity and homosexuality.

YFC representative Bob Poe said that Marie’s remarks could have been construed as offensive.

“The issue … was that the speaker indicated a pro-life stance when it came to the abortion issue, and when it came to homosexuality and/or the gay issue, she could have been interpreted as an anti-gay.”

So he has apologized to the school.

With all this apologizing going on, I feel compelled to issue my own apology.

I’m sorry that too many Christians can’t discern between meekness and weakness.

I’m sorry that we have confused virtues like compassion with inferior motivations like cowardice.

I’m sorry that gay activists can mock sacred Christian rites in the presence of pious believers, while we all know full well they wouldn’t escape with their lives if they tried the same perverted stunt in any mosque.

I’m sorry that some “conservatives” feel they need to pile on the condemnation of Ann Coulter simply because they don’t like her style, or because she had the courage to say what the Church has been saying for more than 2,000 years.

And I’m deeply sorry for posers like Bob Poe, who claim to speak for “Christianity” when they’re actually a disgrace to the faith. What business did he have apologizing for someone who had the guts to stand up and deliver precisely the kind of message teens need to hear today?

I’m sorry all right.

Instead of defending and advancing a coherent Christianity, too many “Christian” leaders are adding to the problem.

I’m convinced that the problem isn’t that secular liberals have a brilliant strategy to “take over the culture.”

No, the secularists aren’t winning the battle.

Christians are purposely losing the battle.

Christians are the ones lying down.

Christians are the ones responsible for surrendering.

And Christians are guilty of shooting their own kind, the few that are fighting the good fight.

So, I want to issue an apology.

To all North American Secularists:

On behalf of the many gutless Christian wonders, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you don’t have enough opponents worthy of the fight.

I’m sorry that Ann generally has to do it on her own.

I’m sorry, and I promise that I will do more to fight the good fight.

I’m sorry, really.

And while we’re on the subject, Muslims should convert to Christianity too.

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