Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III announced this week that they plan to march on Washington, D.C., to demand that federal authorities investigate the “outbreak of hate crimes” nationwide.

Since the “Jena 6” case in which several black youths beat a white classmate unconscious after a noose-hanging incident several months earlier at Jena High School, black leaders have galvanized in an effort to recreate a new “civil rights” movement. They’ve jumped on virtually every alleged racial incident around the country.

Their goal is quite simple – to build power and wealth dousing racial fires with gasoline.

The Jena 6 controversy received national attention after racial parasites like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP charged that the alleged black perpetrators were not being treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Without knowing (or caring) about the facts and with willful ignorance of the law, these race hustlers accused the district attorney in Jena, La., who is white, of prosecuting these black boys more harshly than whites.

Of course, Al “The Riot King” Sharpton smelled blood and he quickly helped organize a march in Jena with thousands of black protesters. He called the case the beginning of the 21st-century civil rights movement.

Sharpton even testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing chaired by Rep. John Conyers, Jr., D-Mich., and called for expansion of “hate crime” laws to include noose hangings.

Sharpton’s National Action Network is currently being probed by the New York state attorney general’s office over possible wrongdoing involving his organization’s finances. But that hasn’t stopped him or his group from cashing in on this case. In one weekend alone Sharpton’s group raised $100,000 for its “Jena Fund” (cha-ching!).

Lawmakers including Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and Rep. Maxine (“No Justice, No Peace”) Waters, D-Calif., are also in favor of passing more “hate crime” laws to protect blacks from “racist whites.”

Not to be outdone, Jesse Jackson, too, has plans to reap benefits from the Jena case. He plans to use this issue to mobilize and register black (Democrat) voters.

Jackson is hell-bent on making sure that the youth of today serve the same wicked master as he does. To this end, he recently accused Barack Obama of “acting white” because according to Jackson, Obama wasn’t vocal enough in supporting the Jena 6. (In other words, Obama wasn’t drinking the Kool-Aid.)

Jackson was criticized and claimed he was misquoted, but the damage was done. Jackson sent a clear message to blacks – and once again seized an opportunity to rekindle blacks’ hatred of whites – for power and profit, of course.

The NAACP, the oldest and most partisan civil rights (hate) group in existence has also been using this case to bolster its declining membership and financial woes. For months, they’ve orchestrated an entire fundraising campaign based on the Jena case, and it’s paid off big for them.

By all accounts, Mychal Bell, the ringleader in the Jena 6 case, was a troubled youth. Bell had no real relationship with his father, and his mother is reported to have a criminal past. Mychal, too, has a criminal record, including a felony.

Seventy percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. But you won’t hear these folks address the problem of absent fathers – because it doesn’t reap financial dividends for them.

To address real problems and offer real solutions would be bad for business and is not a viable option when the spoils are so sweet.

Dr. King didn’t die so that these parasites could wreck his dream and live off the lie that blacks need another civil rights movement.

Unfortunately, these so-called “black leaders” are ingraining this lie in the hearts and minds of the youth.

Frightened by all the controversy, the Jena Town Council recently voted 5-0 authorizing the mayor to form a five- to seven-person committee comprised of different races and genders to gauge race relations and possible remedies in this small town of 2,900.

Instead of painting the town as a bunch of racists and calling for more “hate crime” laws, real leaders would stop using race as a scapegoat and encourage black Americans to take responsibility for their own lives.

A stable home with loving parents would have changed the course of Mychal Bell’s life. This same formula could change the course of an entire generation of black youth – only if black Americans can embrace this truth.

Real leaders are selfless, not selfish. The question is, do we have enough real men and women who care more about principle and morality than power and money, and who are willing to stand up and repudiate the racist blacks in our midst?

Unfortunately, as in the Jena 6 case, that verdict is still out.

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