There’s a response mechanism built into many of God’s creatures called “fight or flight.” Conservative Christians are faced with this as it concerns our discontent with the Republican Party, and some are considering “flight.” This could be the biggest mistake since “New Coke.”

There are those of us who are endlessly frustrated by the Republican Party, and many of the politicians therein, straying from conservative principles. Sometimes the functional differences between a GOP candidate and his or her Democrat opponent can be as slim as a heroin-chic runway model.

This in turn has justifiably frustrated conservatives, some of which are considering leaving party confines for “better things.” This is where things could go horribly awry, in the same way that a goldfish dreams of one day leaping from the aquarium to freedom – and free it is, right there on the living room carpet next to the cat.

Ronald Reagan once said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” Conservatives are developing the same feeling for the Republican Party, but let’s not forget that it’s to the Republican Party that Reagan defected. I believe we have a duty to repair the party, not abandon it.

True, Americans who embrace traditional values feel orphaned by the GOP. Even though the instinct is to run, it’s time to stay and fight.

If somebody invaded the United States, with the possible exception of the Hollywood left, we wouldn’t simply move to another country. We would stand and fight off the invading force.

Like the goldfish, some of the politically disgruntled have not thought their plan through to the logical conclusion.

When I read about counterproductive planning, I picture somebody sawing off the same branch they’re sitting on. The fact that religious leaders are discussing a mass defection from the Republican Party if a pro-choicer is nominated is one of those times.

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. James Dobson that the GOP is abandoning conservative principles, but I couldn’t disagree more with one proposed remedy. The possibility of a “pro-family” third-party is an option that is currently on the table.

If a third party is the result, I hope they give most of the money they raise to their respective churches quickly, before the fiercely pro-abortion, pro-tax, pro-socialism candidate they ultimately help elect confiscates it all for the “common good.”

Let’s not help elect Hillary Clinton and be run over by her “Middle Class Express” – a bus that can ride two dozen comfortably – and that’s just on Bill’s lap. By the way, Hillary named it the “Middle Class Express” because “Petty Bourgeoisie and Inconsequential Lumpenproletariat Shuttle” wouldn’t fit on the side of the bus, but I digress.

I urge conservatives to stay and engage in the fight and not to create a third party, joining the ranks of other third parties in America that hold their meetings at Denny’s and get nowhere as America slides into oblivion.

Refusal to stay and fight for what we believe in will mean abandoning our existing vehicle and then forever sitting on an airport runway, refusing to re-board the old 747 because we’re convinced we can build our own out of some two-by-fours, glue, mason blocks and the motor from a weedwacker.

Using the flight metaphor, my position is simple. It’s more advisable and expedient to try to change the GOP flight crew than it will be to move all the passengers to a different airplane.

The time to get “our” candidate is in the primary process. If the nominee isn’t this person, leaving the party won’t solve anything, as political parties full of folks whose first instinct is “flight” will merely result in subsequent splits from a different party for the same reasons, and on and on until conservatives are more splintered than the 110 meter high-hurdlers at the nudist colony Olympics.

In the meantime, Hillary will be delivering her State of the Union address, you’ll be paying for somebody else’s abortion, national security will be weakened, your taxes will be higher than a cockroach in Willie Nelson’s stash drawer, and there will be two increasingly left-wing parties in complete control of the United States. Sure, there’s a chance this could happen anyway, but by abandoning the party, we’ll have made it a certainty.

Conservatives, a third party is not a solution – it’s the creation of more problems.

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