History teaches us that any population can be coarsened and degraded. The United States allowed black slavery circa 1660 until the end of the Civil War. “White slavery,” the sexual traffic in women and children, was legal circa 1890 until criminalized by the Mann Act in 1910.

From 1910 to the 1950s, however, despite depressions and wars, the Judeo-Christian view of children as asexual, of female and male virginity as the norm, and of sex as a potent force deserving protection in the marriage bed was the American legal and social “ideal.” Until Al Kinsey’s books (1948, 1953), this socio-sexual ideal was taught in schools, homes, houses of worship, in law and even in the mass media. Sex was supposed to occur only within the safe and secure bounds of love and marriage.

How quickly a nation can slide back into the sewer.

In June, a group of Democratic senators led by Joseph Biden, D-Del., was joined at a press conference by the Surviving Parents Coalition to launch yet another act to protect our children – the “Combating Child Exploitation Act of 2007.”

The Department of Justice and the FBI had testified to Congress that child sexploitation was growing rapidly, with nearly 500,000 individuals trafficking child pornography over the Internet. The proposed Act would authorize $1.05 billion over the next eight years to create and train more agents to locate and convict child predators.

Since its introduction June 28, the bill has been languishing in the good intentions box, and isn’t as yet even scheduled for debate. Moreover, this is the 19th child protection bill (and still counting) targeting sexual violence against children in 13 years. Consider, beginning in 1994, fully 16 out of the 19 child protection acts are in memory of a sexually violated, murdered child:

    2007: Combating Child Exploitation Act of 2007 gives $1.05 billion over 8-years for law enforcement training.

    2007: KIDS ACT of 2007 requiring registered sex offenders to submit e-mail addresses (generic victims)

    2006: The Jeremy Bell Act of 2006 would penalize the “Interstate Transfer of Child Sex Offenders.”

    2006: The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act subsumes many other acts punishing offenders.

    2006 The Joanne and Alyssa Act, Massachusetts, allegedly to strengthen Sex Offender Registry laws.

    2005: Amie’s Law releases information on juvenile sex offenders who may re-offend.

    2005: Christy Ann Fornoff Act limits habeas corpus for killing of a person under age 18.

    2005: Jetseta’s Bill: Prevention and Deterrence of Crimes Against Children Act.

    2005: The Jessica Lunsford Act, Florida, 25 years to life for some first-time child sex offenders.

    2005: Jessica Lunsford and Sarah Lunde Act, a federal “Sexual Predator Monitoring Program.”

    2003: The Protect Act of 2003 citing 15-year-old Elizabeth Smart, says states should enact Amber Alerts.

    2004: Carlie’s Law allows possible parole revocation if felons violated children under 16.

    2002: The Amber Alert would signal media, business personnel, police to speedily locate abductees.

    2002: Levi’s Call, a program for when an abduction is confirmed.

    1996: Megan’s Law amends Wetterling Act and requires a community notification system.

    1996 The Pam Lychner Sexual Offender Act for lifetime registration for certain recidivists.

    1995: The Jimmy Ryce Act would review inmates for probability of re-offense.

    1995: The Morgan Nick Alert is a cooperative effort of 250 radio stations in Arkansas in case of abduction.

    1994: The Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Act provides stronger penalties.

Each act named for a child victim reflects the fallout of the Sexual Revolution and the subsequent political clout of Big Pornography.

Now, of course, child pornography is collected at crime sites, but the Big Pornography lobby has managed to spike any mandated crime-site data collections of its so called “adult” material.

Law enforcement reports sexual predators are commonly “adult” pornography users. Yet no state agency, to my knowledge, collects data on the mainstream pornography found in the possession of our growing gangs of sexual psychopaths.

This is inexcusable.

If we are to restrain child sexploitation at all we must a) mandate crime site statistics on all erototoxic media used as stimuli in sex crimes, and b) end paroles and plea bargains for child molesters.

The $1.05 billion dollar Combating Child Exploitation Act will not stop the child exploitation epidemic. Until law enforcement is mandated to collect every shred of sexual media involved in any sexual crime, Big Pornography will continue to spew out its erototoxic wares, and the public will continue to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Must there be a 20th act named for yet another sexually murdered child while Big Pornography continues to reap billions by marketing its evil?

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