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New York sued over licenses for illegals

The state of New York is now being sued over its new policy to provide driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

A lawsuit was filed by the public-interest watchdog group Judicial Watch on behalf of a New York taxpayer, with defendants including Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner David Swartz and the New York State DMV.

According to New York State law, with respect to driver licenses, the DMV Commissioner “shall require that the applicant provide his or her social security number.”

Under the new DMV policy, however, applicants will not have to provide a Social Security number to receive a driver’s license. They must only provide a foreign passport and some secondary form of identification, such as a lease or a copy of parole papers.

“Eliot Spitzer wants to use his public office to sanction illegal behavior and put all of us at risk through his plan to give driver licenses to illegal aliens,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “If Governor Spitzer wants to change the rules, he has to follow the rules – which means going through the New York State Legislature and otherwise following New York law.”

According to the complaint, “There is no express language anywhere in the VTL [Vehicle and Traffic Law] which dispenses with the requirement that an applicant for a driver’s license provide his or her social security number.” Moreover, Spitzer and the DMV intend to implement the policy without involving the New York State Legislature, and “without complying with the rule-making requirements prescribed by the State Administrative Procedure Act.”

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