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To anti-Huck rock throwers

Christians sat it out in 2006 to “teach Republicans a lesson.” But we’ve been taught well what happens when we stay home on Election Day. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a three-point refresher course:

  1. We’ve got hate crimes hanging over our heads like a guillotine. The Criminalization of Christianity stalled in Congress only to make the promised presidential veto tougher to carry out since it’s attached to critical resources for our troops.

  2. The so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, which results in “the ENDA religious freedom” in the workplace stalled only because they want to force cross-dressers into businesses who don’t want Bruce to come to work wearing lipstick and stilettos.

  3. Then we have a Senate Foreign Relations Committee that just passed the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) 17 to 4, which would turn over our oceans – three-fourths of our planet – to U.N. control complete with a U.N. world tax. Why would anyone other than Nicholas Carpathia (the Antichrist in the “Left Behind” series) want such a thing?

To respond to these assaults, see the three bullets below:

  1. Call the president and ask him to veto so called “hate crimes” (and ENDA) – 202-456-1414.

  2. Call your congressional representative at 202-224-3121 to stop the Employment Non-Discrimination Act so you won’t be forced out of business.

  3. Call your two senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to stop the Law of the Sea Treaty, which mandates U.N. global taxation and control.

Are you sick of it? Sick of making calls just so we won’t go to jail, lose our businesses and be forced to pay a global U.N. tax? Me too.

I suggest we do something pro-active about it. Gov. Mike Huckabee, who answered all of those issues right at the Values Voter Presidential Debate, has also never wavered on critical issues of life, marriage and the courts. He answered the toughest questions from pro-family leaders 100 percent right on Sept. 17 – including those on the North American Union and on immigration. Against all odds, he is now a “tier one” candidate – the only one who stands unwavering for life, marriage, freedom and the kind of judges we need on the courts.

Look, you can continue to throw rocks from the sidelines, but you know what I don’t see from any of the rock throwers? A solution. You can resign yourself to playing defense for the rest of your life, or you could do something proactive now.

I know of no other front-runner other than Mike Huckabee who will champion our causes of life, marriage, freedom and the courts. Here are the unacceptable alternatives:

“Teach ’em a lesson”? Did we learn nothing from 2006? Read the three bullets above to see the result of that “strategy.” Make the same mistake again, and those bullets will be aimed at you.

Put down the rocks and be a part of the solution: Go to www.MikeHuckabee.com and make the most generous donation you can now. Or don’t complain when you’re sent to jail, lose your business and are forced to pay a global U.N. tax.

We have one more chance to get our country and our courts back, and only one candidate we can count on to do it: Gov. Mike Huckabee – the solution to the issues we care most about.

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