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My pillow-talking presidential pick

Two weeks ago, Laura Bush traveled to the Middle East to raise breast cancer awareness.

When I learned that I, of course, thought of the link between abortion and breast cancer and how wonderful it would be for Mrs. Bush to publicly address it.

But I knew she wouldn’t since Mrs. Bush is pro-abortion.

Mrs. Bush’s platforms, according to her White House biography, are:

… health care … human rights … to educate people throughout the world, especially women and girls … [to] draw attention to programs that help children avoid risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use, early sexual activity and violence … to protect our cultural and natural heritage … [and] [i]n honor of her mother, a breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Bush supports education campaigns for breast cancer and heart disease.

How perfectly the issue of the sanctity of life would fit into that list. How stupendous it would be for a first lady to use her public forum to decry abortion.

But because Mrs. Bush supports abortion, she must believe it is an aspect of health care and women’s rights, an answer to advancing one’s education, a solution to one consequence of early sexual activity, a way to avoid drug and alcohol use and violence, a means to preserve our culture, and has nothing to do with breast cancer.

The most recent pro-life president before President George Bush was President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Mrs. Barbara Bush was a pro-abort, too. She went so far as to push removing the pro-life plank from the Republican platform when both her husband and son were running for president.

Mrs. Barbara Bush’s platform as first lady was illiteracy, so she obviously thought abortion was a solution to illiteracy. In actuality, then, she was a eugenicist, because it is poor people who are illiterate, not rich people.

I don’t understand how a pro-lifer could marry a pro-abort. To be fair, both Bushes married before abortion really crystallized as a core belief in the American culture. But I can’t imagine a pro-lifer getting past the fact a prospect would kill their preborn children.

Actually, Gerald Ford, a pro-abort along with his wife, Betty, disputed Bush I’s pro-life conversion. He told Newsweek in 1995, “I know damn well that he and Barbara are pro-choice.”

That may explain why Bush I didn’t talk about it much, perhaps the reverse of the “personally pro-life, publicly pro-choice” politician.

Bush II doesn’t talk about abortion much either. The White House would lecture me on that. But his words are usually coded, more like a secret handshake. He is certainly no Reagan, who wrote a public pro-life treatise while in office.

Pillow talk … I’m a firm believer. Recall the wisest man in the world was led astray by it.

Scandals aside, the reason pro-lifers are disenchanted with the Republican Party is the unwillingness or inability of so many of its leaders to move the pro-life ball forward.

It seems that whatever difference pro-life politicians make is so slow and fraught with so many obstructions as to be maddening.

It seems to me that education is key to overcoming abortion.

It seems to me that if either wife of the two pro-life and otherwise highly qualified Republicans the presidential nomination is coming down to – Romney or Huckabee, in my book anyway – would say she will make the pro-life issue her platform if first lady, I would vote for her husband.

I expect she’d do the cause much more good through raising public awareness.

And pillow talk.

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