Can important lessons still be learned from history and cherished Greek mythology? In 1184 B.C., Sinon, a Greek spy, tricked the Trojan leaders into bringing Ulysses’ wooden horse into their walled city. The destruction of Troy, and the enslavement of her women and children, is now legend.

But how could the lesson of Troy’s costly naivet? apply to our own times?

Cast your memory back to 1948 when Alfred Kinsey’s Trojan horse of “sexual liberation” and his fraudulent “sexual education” harangued our tolerant, Judeo-Christian walled city. Our rates of STDs, family breakdowns and sexual crimes against women and children reflected those restraining religious beliefs and laws.

By 1953, Hugh Hefner, Kinsey’s “pamphleteer” smashed through our city walls with his Playboy bunny, and the “sexual revolution” had begun. Elite professors swiftly took up the new values, recruiting students to the sex and drug revolution. Hefner’s smiling Playboy bunny, the modern sexual Trojan horse, would torch our civil society – “no fault” divorce and skyrocketing sexual crime and disease were on the way.

See the Kinsey/Hefner fallout in the daily child abuse arrests of influential college educated leaders, legislators, doctors, lawyers, military and Justice Department officials, teachers, clergy, professors and the like.

Mainstreaming “adult” pornography inevitably created a lust among perhaps millions who now seek their endogenous opioid thrills in child pornography and abuse.

What follows are a few current reports from my “VIP Child Abusers” file. These are men (and increasingly women and children, despite the lack of VIP women in this recent list) who risked their professions, reputations, families, finances, everything to attain that state of fear, shame and lust the predator experiences as sexual arousal to children.

Thus does the child predator transition from high arousal euphoria to depression and dysphoria, endangering more and more children.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Nov. 6 arrest of Robert Singer, the chief operating officer of the National Children’s Museum, charged with deliberately distributing child pornography to a child.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Nov. 6 arrest of Irving Mittleman, a University of New Haven professor charged with flying to Detroit to have sex with two children.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 31 arrest of Barry Mentser, former staff attorney for Franklin County Children’s Services, Ohio, for “importuning and attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.”

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 30 arrest of University of Hawaii professor Marc P.C. Fossorier for arranging sex with a 15-year-old girl.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 26 arrest of John Eric Gilliam, a , Seminole, Texas, paramedic for possession and transportation of hundreds of child pornography images.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 26 arrest of Troy, Ohio, pediatrician Robert Reinhold for “1,700 images … [many] depicted minors engaging in lascivious displays or engaging in acts of sexual activity.”

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 27 arrest of Victoria County Texas, Sheriff Mike Ratcliff for aggravated sexual assault and criminal solicitation of a minor with a handgun.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 25 arrest of John P. Duffy, a “well-known local sports announcer and former weekend news anchor for ESPN Radio 1250” in Pittsburgh, Pa., for child pornography.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the Oct. 3 arrest in Fayetteville, Ark., of Michael V. Fortino a nationally televised motivational speaker, for transporting child pornography across state lines.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse during the notorious (now almost forgotten) Sept. 17 arrest of federal prosecutor John David R. Atchison, a U.S. Justice Department, official for soliciting sex with a 5-year-old girl. He allegedly said the child would be unharmed. “Just gotta go slow and very easy. I’ve done it plenty.” Atchison was a member of the Florida Bar Association since 1984 and president of a youth athletic organization.

See the “sexual liberation” Trojan horse when reading on Sept. 14 of the arrest of Louis J. Stroschien Jr., listed as the principal of the Shelby County Catholic School in Harlan, Iowa, for enticement of a minor for sex.

The “sexual liberation” epidemic is of course reflected in violence to women as well, as on Nov. 10 when the military reported an increase in sexual assaults from 1,700 in 2004 to 2,947 in 2006. Here, the Bunny Trojan horse trots through the recent Pentagon decision to sell pornography on military bases in violation of the 1996 “Military Honor and Decency Act.”

Meanwhile, an Associated Press study released Oct. 22, found over 2,500 educators in over five years punished for sexual abuse with many more such crimes unreported. The AP report cited a 2004 congressional report that concluded 4.5 million out of 50 million students in American public schools “are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade.”

So thousands of VIP professionals, well-educated, esteemed men and women, doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergy, police, justice officials, legislators and the like, as well as many thousands of “uneducated” folks, are annually arrested for child predation.

These predators are carriers of a sex crime epidemic that breached our city walls during the 1960s sexual revolution led by a cadre of Kinseyan sexual psychopaths.

Our nation is well past “the tipping point” of sexual pathology. Until our universities have the courage to face our past mistakes and teach the truth about the Trojan horse-and-bunny history of the sexual revolution, our predatory population will continue to expand, recruit and breed ever greater numbers.

You do the math.

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